Skillrun Bootcamp

Get your adrenaline racing with high-intensity workouts that deliver results – fast.

skillrun bootcamp class

Just when you thought running and free weights were the most strenuous combo, we went further. The Skillrun Bootcamp leverages the Skillrun's sled and parachute training modes for true athletic conditioning.

With its speedy combination of cardio and strength training, each session keeps you focused on performance alone.


HIIT training



45 minutes



peak performers

What makes it unique

Fast and effective workouts with unrivalled variety.

Sled and parachute training modes to build acceleration and speed.

Tutorial videos prompt participants on what to do next.

Participants can sync their favorite device to monitor heart rate and effort level in real time.

skillrun bootcamp class

The Journey

skillrun bootcamp class building your bootcamp class
Step 1

Build your Bootcamp class

Trainers can easily schedule class exercises using the Class Content Builder.

skillrun bootcamp easy class booking and setup
Step 2

Easy class booking and setup

Members book the class directly from their device. Trainers choose the workout from their library and select the music from the Unity™️ Self kiosk.

skillrun bootcamp class training effectively
Step 3

Train effectively

Video tutorials and the timer help participants through the workout. Heart rate and timer, displayed on-screen, help you know when to switch stations, work, and rest.

skillrun bootcamp class switch modes on the go
Step 4

Switch modes on the go

With the new Swiftpad console you can switch from running to power mode and make adjustments on the fly.

skillrun bootcamp class workout tracking
Step 5

Workout tracking

Participants can check their performance after every class and track them on the mywellness app.


Designed to make interaction fast and simple, Skillrun offers the ultimate running performance workout. With precise feedback in real time and constant guidance during the whole class, it's the only equipment in the world offering a completely guided experience directly on the screen.

skillrun bootcamp class boost explosive power and acceleration

Boost explosive power and acceleration

We created the unique Sled Training workout to reproduce, in detail, the feeling of pushing a sled on grass, including inertia. It starts with a higher resistance, which decreases to a constant rate as you pick up speed. Parachute Training, conversely, increases resistance with speed.

What's included

skillrun bootcamp class smart equipment
Smart equipment

Skillrun is designed to optimize training space and allows for a wide range of speed and power training. Its console enables participants to switch rapidly between running and power modes.

skillrun bootcamp class heart rate bands
Heart rate bands

By pairing heart rate monitoring
devices with the Unity Self kiosk, individual data is displayed on the external screen.

skillrun bootcamp class teambeats professional app
Teambeats professional app

Installed on the Unity Self kiosk, this app features exercise videos, work/rest schedules, and heart rate monitoring.

skillrun bootcamp class unity self
Unity Self

A dedicated kiosk, where trainers can set up the workout and timer, control the music and the microphone.

skillrun bootcamp class external screen
External screen

Connected to the kiosk via HDMI® technology, and let the screen guide the workout and create a more immersive experience.

skillrun bootcamp class free weights and benches
Free weights and benches

Add diversity to the workout by performing strength exercises on the floor and bench.

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skillrun bootcamp class

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