Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are proven to be a fun, effective way to get into and stay in shape. They are perfect for cardio exercises, so they can be used effectively in a personal home gym and by businesses alike, allowing you to improve your workout technique.

Adaptable To You

Our ARTIS Bike and Recline are exercise cycles offering a wide range of features; from heart rate monitoring to energy harvesting technology that actually generates power as you workout. Our bikes use a unique design that allows it to accurately replicate three different styles of bike, so you can easily go from a standard position to a city bike to a racing bike with minimal effort.

Medically Certified Equipment

For many the desire to get a full workout is limited by back and muscular pain, however this doesn't have to be the case. We have designed products specifically for ease-of-use for anyone suffering from injuries, such as the Excite + Bike MED and Excite + Recline MED so they can achieve their fitness goals.

Worldwide Support

We have a worldwide support network that ensures your product is covered wherever you are in the world and whatever usage your product gets. This means you can have total peace of mind that your Technogym equipment continues to deliver world-class performance for years to come.

Ground-Breaking Performance

Our upper body workout machines not only ensure that you get the best workout, but also that you work on your core muscles and maximise your calorific burn while exercising. With the Top Excite trainer you can choose to train from a seated or standing position, with adjustable hand crank height and telescopic arms, allowing for a workout that it comfortable and effective on every level.

Worldwide Support

Your Technogym equipment is covered by our worldwide support channels, meaning that your product stays the best in its class for as long as you own it. Our equipment is used by some of the finest athletes all over the world, meaning that you get the highest level of quality for longer.

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Technogym Bike + Live content 1 year subscription

Skillbike: Stationary Bike with Real Gear Shift
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation


Bike Personal: Upright exercise bike for your home gym
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation

Bike Personal

Recline Personal: Design Exercise Bike
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation

Recline Personal

Upright exercise bike Artis Bike
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation (if required

Artis Bike

Horizontal exercise bike Artis Recline
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation (if required

Artis Recline

Group Cycle™ Ride: indoor Exercise Bike
Inclusive of VAT, transport and installation

Group Cycle Ride

MyCycling Indoor Cycle Smart Trainer
Inclusive of VAT and transport