Yacht models: amenities, luxury and tradition on deck

The definition of luxury goods is that of an object that many people desire, but only a few can obtain. The etymology of the word itself, from the Latin "luxus", means excess, abundance, something not strictly necessary for physical survival, but fundamental for the satisfaction of our aesthetic and psychological needs.

Without a shadow of a doubt, yachts are luxury goods and contribute greatly to the satisfaction of the aesthetic and psychological needs of their owners. These boats reflect what the owner means by luxury, recreation and relaxation. In fact, just as the search for beauty and psychological satisfaction are extremely personal paths, not everyone will like the same yacht, and different personalities will be attracted to different models of yachts.

Being on a yacht is a luxury felt by the very few
In yachts, as in many luxury goods, there are those who seek opulence, style and harmony; others still seek the opportunity to live an adventure and those who want to have the same comfort of home wherever they are. The variety of these needs has given rise over the years to a multitude of models of private boats. However, for the sake of simplicity, we can identify three main models of yachts:

Motor yachts

This category of yacht is by far the most associated with an idea of unbridled luxury and opulence. Cruisers, i.e. yachts with cabins, can be from just over 10 metres long to several dozen metres long, and their powerful engines allow the owner to reach your chosen destination quickly and enjoyably.
Yacht's luxury and opulence
Like a huge penthouse or villa in the city, larger yachts (commonly, those larger than 24 meters) offer all kinds of entertainment: swimming pools on the outdoor deck, sunbathing areas with the ability to accommodate a dozen guests, amusement arcades, cinemas, spas and gyms, master and guests cabins, and bathrooms with luxury materials.

The epitome of unbrindled luxury and opulence

In a combination of the latest technological advances, quality materials and engineering that allows the same comfort of the land on the high seas, these titans of the sea allow their owners to indulge their imagination and create unique boats, built to make their needs and their desires come true.

Technogym and Baglietto 48m T-line

The Baglietto T-line, with its 48-metre hull and 350 square metres of living space, is a clear example of this. This yacht, designed for owners who love spacious, bright and convivial stylish areas, is characterized by large windows to let natural light in and with a direct view of the sea, open spaces that connect various areas, sober and always elegant lines.
Design and style meet luxury
It is therefore not surprising that Baglietto has sought the collaboration of Technogym, world leader in the fitness and wellness industry, to furnish the wellness area of the yacht with its Personal Line. This line, the true icon of the company, is the result of a collaboration born from 30 years of experience of Technogym in the wellness industry, with the design concepts of Antonio Citterio, for smart equipment line that combines elegance, quality materials and cutting edge technologies.
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Sailing yachts

Sailing boats have a rich and ancient tradition, inheriting thousands of years of history and incremental improvements. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the romantic idea of a sailboat fighting against a raging storm, or moving calmly towards the horizon with its sails moving lazily.
Spirit of adventure in a sailing yacht
These boats are designed for those who love to be in contact with nature, to move sustainably, to "feel" the sea rather than to navigate it. For sailboat owners, travelling is what really matters, even if it means longer journey times, challenges along the way, or a compromise between interior practicality and luxury.

The heirs of a rich and ancient tradition

As in a forest cottage, the absence of some of the comforts you might have elsewhere is not an unfavourable point, but one of strength, something that allows you to immerse yourself even more in the adventure. However, this does not mean that you have to give up all the comforts; in fact, modern sailing boats can often compete in terms of design, engineering and materials with the best and most opulent motor yachts, allowing for an adventurous journey, but always in the name of luxury and relaxation.

Classic yachts

The last category includes all those vintage yachts, both motor and sailing ones, which have come from a more or less remote past. These yachts are often handed down from generation to generation or belonged to prominent personalities of high society. It is not uncommon to see this kind of yacht owned by European royal families for example (the English and Monegasque ones above all), or owned by true connoisseurs of a classic and timeless elegance.
timeless elegance of a classic yacht
Classic yachts are in fact characterized by their vintage design, by the use of materials now in disuse, but above all, by their history, which lives and thrives thanks to their passionate owners. The rarity of these boats is unquestionable: just as a work of art or a historical home, their value and history can only grow and be enriched over time.

Luxury and elegance know no age.

If in the case of modern motor yachts, the important thing in the journey was to reach their destination quickly, in classic yachts, what is really important is the possibility to look out of a historical window and live, even if for a limited period of time, the life of the elites from a forgotten epoch. Because true luxury and elegance know no age.

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