Wellness Suites can cater to those who want complete privacy, even when travelling

If you are used to training or practicing a sport during the day, the advice is not to stop while you are travelling. Our body responds to regular training in a more evident and effective way. Travelling without changing one's habits is not always easy, but it is possible. It is often a matter of personal organisation but also of having suitable and appropriate facilities available. Let's not forget that a morning work-out is the most suitable step to start the day with the right energy. And that after hours of work, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a fitness center to restore your body and relieve tension, is always a great choice. Therefore the most obvious suggestion is to continue training, even if you are travelling around the world.
What if there is a fear of not having enough privacy in the gymnasiums of the destination? Just choose a Wellness Suite.
From a Wellness Suite to a gym, multimedia content and personal training services, the effort stems from the conviction that meeting customers' expectations and passions is the most rewarding choice. Offering an exclusive experience for guests is definitely a way to allow them to return and become fond of the location and Wellness is certainly part of this dynamic.

Training in a Wellness Suites

When privacy dictates the rules, an ideal solution to offer guests is a Wellness Suite. It's a personalised format in which even a single Technogym product can transform a suite or a spacious room into a real private gymnasium. When the room space is generous enough, the Wellness Suite is the perfect choice to give guests an unforgettable treatment that makes them feel at home.
The Wellness Suite is usually designed with products chosen according to the available space or specific needs. Here are a few examples:

Running Room

This is the room for those who love running. Thanks to the MYRUN TECHNOGYM, guests can be offered the first real solution consisting of a treadmill and a native app compatible with their tablet. This gives you the pleasure of running with immediate feedback on running technique.
Technogym's MYRUN is the essential and elegantly designed treadmill by runners for runners. Quiet even at 20km/h, with a minimum footprint and can be activated with just one button, MYRUN has been designed to be used with ease and immediacy. Its assembly is also simple and fast: only 5 minutes of assembly are required. Its dimensions, 176 centimetres long and 78.5 centimeters wide, allow the MYRUN to be placed anywhere in the available environment. The compact dimensions do not compromise the running surface and comfort of movement.
Technogym, has designed in addition to the product, a dedicated app. The MYRUN App allows you to create training programs tailored to your physical fitness or specific goals. You can download the app to your tablet, place it on MYRUN support and start the workout you choose. Some of the app's features make running more efficient and fun. Thanks to the running rate index, you can improve your running style. The treadmill also features a program called Run To The Beat which selects songs from your playlist which suit the rhythm of your run.

Cycling Room

This guarantees guests with the passion of cycling the opportunity perform indoor training to improve their performances on the road. Thanks to MYCYCLING, it takes just 2 minutes to be ready to go, in the quietest way, with sessions between 40 and 70 minutes long that optimize the effectiveness of training.
With MYCYCLING, the product for indoor cycling training, Technogym introduces the brand new TNT – Technogym Neuromuscular Training (patent pending).
Starting from threshold levels and through one-hour sessions based on pedaling quality, the TNT changes the cyclist's training forever. The system is based on a smart trainer and customized programs, created in collaboration with the best athletes, coaches and physiologists of the cycling world.
One of the most popular features of MYCYCLING is the possibility of continuous feedback on pedaling. Pedal Printing uses a thermometer and an optical sensor to return data on the symmetry and roundness of the pedal stroke.  While the Torque Sensor measures its power with an accuracy of +1%/-1%. The Road Effect System, on the other hand, guarantees the same feeling of inertia as when riding on the road. Finally, thanks to the Quick Lock (Patent Pending) system and a weight of only 18 kg, the product is easy to transport and prepare for training.

Total Body Room

It allows you to carry out a large number of free body exercises thanks to the Wellness Tools inside. The tools are particularly suitable accessories for toning, strengthening, elasticity and flexibility of the entire musculature of the body, thanks to the variety of exercises that can be performed with them.
The Wellness Ball Active Sitting is a real gymnastic tool that can be used as an interesting and alternative seat to strengthen the muscles and improve balance, flexibility, coordination and posture. The Wellness Pad is a rug for stretching and ground floor exercises, ideal for performing basic free body exercises for strength every day. The Wellness Rack is an elegant and functional weight kit with an attractive design, innovative closing system and silicone coated discs to avoid damaging the flooring in case of a fall.

Solutions for every need

The basic rule is that everything should be considered in order to meet the needs and passions of guests. Understanding, welcoming and satisfying them is definitely important so as to offer the ideal stay. So what could be better than allowing them to feel at home, with the possibility of practicing their favourite sports activities?
The good news is that you can create all sorts of solutions to suit your guests’ needs. The possible combinations are countless and range from individual products to accessories and multimedia solutions.
The Wellness Suite, as we mentioned, represents one of the solutions that best combines the space requirements of the location with those of customer confidentiality. We have presented some ideas dedicated to specific workouts, but the combinations are various. For example, the strength enthusiast will be pleased to be offered a room with a un Power Personal inside. While golf enthusiasts could be offered their dream room that has a Kinesis Personal.
Furthermore, the mywellness cloud allows you to access multimedia content, access to a personal trainer and follow your favourite training program wherever you are. Guests can download, follow and track their workout through their mywellness account.
When space isn't generous enough, you can always opt for a more comfortable format: Video Wellness.  This is a choice of multimedia tools designed to entertain guests during their stay with active suggestions on the subject of Wellness. They are particularly recommended for hotels with modest spaces that want to offer superior quality service to the most dynamic and physically active clients.
Those who care for their psycho-physical wellbeing usually choose and return to hotel facilities that we have inside gyms or sports facilities. That's why many hotels are structured to offer their guests spaces dedicated to wellness. Technogym is therefore constantly looking for new solutions, suitable for any type of space, design or experience.

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