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A wellness trip in the desert

Vast, echoing, and divinity-like. This is how Lawrence of Arabia described Wadi Rum, the most beautiful and extensive desert in Jordan. Like this, there are many others, which are unique, uncontaminated and timeless. They are becoming wellness destinations to disconnect from the routine and allow people to find themselves.

Although a trip in the desert may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nature, the desert is one of the most fascinating places on earth. With the dry climate, free of trees or wild waters, deserts cover one fifth of the planet and perhaps it is precisely under the extreme conditions to which plants and animals are subjected that this landscape owes its charm.

The benefits of a trip in the desert

As well as being a destination for exploration trips, the desert is also becoming the ideal destination for those who need to get away from the stress of the city and recover their energy. In fact, the desert offers many benefits to the body and spirit.
First of all, a trip in the desert is a panacea for people who suffer from health problems. The scarcity of water and the almost total absence of moisture make the desert immune to mold or bacteria that bring respiratory problems, perfect for those suffering from allergies or asthma. In addition, for those who suffer from arthritis because without humidity we do not exasperate the temperatures in one direction or another. In addition, desert plants bloom and lose their leaves at different times than most plants in the city, reducing the risk of exposure to allergies.

In general, the air is also cleaner because the population density is low compared to other geographical regions: there are fewer construction sites, fewer cars, so the air quality is much better.

Another benefit of the dry climate is vitamin D. Sunlight helps the body synthesize vitamin D, which contributes to bone and tooth health, strengthens the body's immune system, improves mood and helps fight depression.

This is one of the reasons why many people living in cold cities choose a trip in the desert and to spend their winters in hottest climates. With such a low population density, the level of stress is also reduced. There is less traffic and more space. And even life tends to proceed at a different, slower pace. There is more time for oneself and for outdoor activities due to the lack of rain.

One of the most practiced sports is, for example, horseback riding, which increases strength and improves posture, trains the inside of the thighs and pelvic muscles, balance and guides attention, as you have to keep your mind and body still when riding. Hiking lovers, on the other hand, cannot miss the opportunity to climb through the rocks to reach the top and enjoy the spectacle of the setting sun.

A trip in the desert between sound healing and balneology

Among the most interesting wellness experiences in a trip in the desert, it is worth mentioning The Integratron. It is a historic building designed in 1957 by ufologist George Van Tassel and located in Landers, California, 20 miles north of Joshua Tree National Park. It was designed to be an electrostatic generator to rejuvenate people, cancel the force of gravity and take time travel. This is because of its geographical location: in the Mojave Desert on a powerful geomagnetic vortex.
In this legendary place, sound healing is practiced, a technique to suppress anxiety by promoting physical and mental relaxation. Inside the structure, you can do the sessions of so-called sound-bath or paths in the bathtub of 60 minutes of which 25 minutes uses the crystal bowl - balls filled with water - and the rest of the time dedicated to recorded music used to bring the body into a state of total relaxation.
In the Palm Spring area, on the other hand, Balneology is practiced, a therapy based on the study of the therapeutic benefits brought by mineral waters. The mineral water owes its name to the passage through the rocks that dissolve and then reach the surface. Since the type of minerals varies from region to region, the properties of the water vary from place to place. Desert Hot Springs minerals are particularly beneficial: they are low in sulphur and rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Both hot and cold spring water have been shown to contribute to the well-being of the body.

For some, "healthy living" is synonymous with cottages in the woods or chalets near a lake or bungalows on the beach with a tropical climate. For others it is a trip in the desert, wild and unspoilt, where you can experience long rides at sunset. The desert landscape takes your breath away especially when the sun starts to set. The slightest meteorological changes determine the most beautiful variations in the sky and on earth. In short, the ideal destination to break away from the routine and thus return home regenerated.

Why to choose a trip in the desert?

  • The desert is one of the most fascinating places on earth
  • Move away from the stress of the city and everyday life
  • Desert climate is a health panacea
  • Improves mood and helps fight depression
  • A trip in the desert offers numerous wellness experiences

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