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How Technogym's innovations is making the World healthier

The health and Wellness issues of the population are, now more than ever, of primary importance. With all eyes on public health, the world’s industries are working to reimagine the future with a more long-term outlook - to dramatically reduce the burden of disease and injury while improving the general well-being of individuals across the planet. A recent report by research and consulting firm McKinsey entitled Prioritizing health: A prescription for prosperity, delves into the potential of this idea through the application of proven “interventions”.
These refer to actions aimed at improving the health of all humans on earth and range from public sanitation programs to surgical procedures and medication, primarily through the use of technology and innovation.

The report identifies a number of imperatives that should be met in order to achieve these wider health goals, which happen to fall in line with the philosophies we at Technogym uphold as a wellness company. Here are three ways in which we are utilizing innovation to advance wellbeing across the world in relations to these imperatives, and how they will aid the health and prosperity of society in the years to come.

Health at the top of the agenda

The matter of health is now on the agenda of every organization and household around the world. But does that have to stop once this situation is over? As McKinsey’s report states, keeping it there will offer a plethora of benefits.

“Long-term prevention and health promotion, which encompasses more than 70 percent of the benefits we identified, cannot simply be left to healthcare providers or healthcare systems. It is quite literally everybody’s business,” the report states.

Advancing healthy communities and workplaces is something that lies at the heart of what we do at Technogym - and what we have been about since day one. We believe that the more people we inspire to invest in health and engaging physical activity, correct nutrition and a positive mindset, the better the quality of life will be for everyone on the planet.

And as it is also mentioned in the report, this can also be a lever for future growth and an important part of economic policy. We cannot agree more that governments around the world have a lead role to play and should consider developing and delivering healthy life agendas that offer both health and economic benefits not just now but for the future.

Transforming healthcare

If there’s one thing this particular situation has shown us, it’s that healthcare systems are extremely vulnerable. At the same time, it’s also presented the world with an opportunity to strengthen and reimagine these systems to ensure they are better equipped for future crises as well as delivering healthcare more effectively.

As the McKinsey’s report states, “the challenge is making and sustaining changes that shift to preventive health while ensuring resilience and flexibility”.

Our healthcare and medical technology is already in line with this goal. Since our beginning, we have designed equipment for maximum results and minimum impact on the body. Thousands of medical centres today take advantage of our biomechanics to deliver movement in the safest way, ensuring patients can heal properly while preventing many common diseases.

Thanks to innovation in connected solutions, we can offer the seamless experience that patients need, from assessment to prescription to training as well as acquire and store information on patient's health including physical exercise and even test and evaluate a patient's physical efficiency parameters.

Take for instance the Hancock Regional Wellness Center in McCordsville, USA, which specializes in patient care through the use of Technogym equipment, integrating not only wellness programs but also a range of clinical programs such as rehabilitation for population health management. This refers to coordinating services and collecting data to give feedback to medical providers to help better take care of the public.

Amping up innovation

The role of innovation in healthcare today is more critical than ever. Innovation is not only keeping hopes alive for a society praying for an end to social distancing and quarantine, but it’s critical to improving the overall health and prosperity of the world’s population in years to come.

While promising innovations in healthcare include genomics, data science and AI, realizing the full potential of such technology requires building more collaborative approaches to research and development in all areas of health, especially fitness and Wellness. We believe this is important as generally-good health and wellness will not only ensure people are in a better position when it comes to fighting off disease or battling injury but it will benefit mental health, too, contributing to general happiness and enjoyment of life.

One of the latest innovations at Technogym is the Ecosystem connected wellness platform, the first integrated platform capable of bringing wellness content and training programmes to all our smart equipment as well as personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and PCs.

In doing so, it connects every city and country in a global Wellness Community, embracing people, fitness clubs, companies, hotels, public institutions and health systems.

Composed of physical and virtual layers, the Ecosystem provides an all-rounded, tailored wellness solution for anyone, from any location, allowing people to keep tabs on their progress and track body metrics not only from the gym but at home or while they’re out and about, too, thanks to our fitness cloud.

If health is the destination, wellness is the journey: any road you may wish to take, we are here to help you stay on track.

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