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Skillrun at luxury boutique Awakn for its run, box and lift concept

Kam Panesar, founder and CEO of Awakn Gym in London’s Canary Wharf, knows exactly what his clients need from a fitness facility. Prior to launching Awakn, he worked in investment banking and had lived on the Wharf for a decade. He tells us how his luxury fitness and wellness facility gives the employees and residents of Canary Wharf somewhere to strengthen their bodies and minds.

Kam’s vision was a luxury facility which would awaken the wharf by creating a culture of people working out together as a community to help strengthen their bodies and sharpen their minds. He knew what the people of Canary Wharf were missing and that Awakn had to be more than a fitness destination, it needed to be somewhere people could break out of their stressful routine and find mental release.

Awakn is a 6000 sq. ft luxury space with two very difference studios. The Arena lets people train strength and power with functional tools including a 200kg tyre, kettlebells, dumbbells, and squat rack. With 6 metre ceilings, the space gives cooped-up office workers welcome space and freedom. The Zone HIIT studio allows people to push outside of their comfort zone with HIIT training combining boxing, resistance training, and running on Technogym Skillrun.
The Zone is a multi-workout HIIT studio with punching bags, Skillrun and dumbbell benches. Members are kept on their toes with a combination of HIIT classes featuring Skillrun performance training treadmills.

  • Lift and Run aimed at building strength and endurance transforming member’s bodies.
  • Box and Run set out for those looking to punch harder and run faster.
  • Box, Lift and Run the triple HIIT class and Awakn’s signature with members combining all three areas for high energy fast-paced thrilling workout.

The studios are designed with a lot of space, and the experience is very personal. Clients can get every kind of training into their week, from HIIT and cardio, to strength work and functional training. The centre put as much focus on overcoming barriers as they do on customers’ physical progress, this is why they are hitting home with people who need long term healthy lifestyle change.

Awakn teaches seven key skills and gives clients an inspiring environment in which to practice those skills so they carry over into everyday life. The Awakn experience teaches and triggers the emotional tools clients need to achieve any goal. The pillars - of focus, desire, belief, action, flow, reflection and rejuvenation - are reinforced at every touchpoint: from the design of the facility space, to the use of AV in classes, and the coaching delivered by Awakn’s superstar trainers.

Achieving your potential with Technogym Skillrun at Awakn

Skillrun helps to achieve this mission by engaging members with the easy to use functionality such as Swiftpad - allowing on the fly speed changes - so members are free to focus and concentrate on the HIIT class and encouraged and pushed to achieve their potential, releasing their inner athlete with the Sled training aimed at improving sprint and acceleration.
The acceleration and deceleration of Skillrun are faster than any competitor treadmill, and the surface means even rehab clients can run on them every day. From a business point of view, Kam tells us that he loves also the possibility to put the branding on the display screens.

I knew I wanted Skillrun in my gym because is the only treadmill I could use also with injuries, it's not like any other treadmill on the market.

Awakn is not just a gym for the body, they have designed the entire experience to ingrain key mental skills on a subconscious level, so the customers are more successful in all areas of their lives. At Awakn they put as much focus on overcoming barriers as we do on customers’ physical progress. This Mind/Body Awakn is why they are hitting home with people who need long term healthy lifestyle change.

One thing I have learned from observing top performers is that body can only achieve its full potential when the mind is fully engaged.

Kam is staying true to his original goal of giving Canary Wharf the personalised experience it’s been lacking but he isn’t stopping at Canary Wharf. Awakn will open a second site in West London soon, and Kam aims to have three more sites open within five years.

Canary Wharf has been a fantastic success, and Technogym have given us VIP-style levels of support right from the beginning and this is just the beginning for Awakn.

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