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The Technogym Bike and roster of superstar trainers ride the online wave to pump you up

With stay at home and social distancing orders in place, live streaming and on-demand rides have never been so important. Focus is on self-motivation, so ramp up the volume, this savvy made-to-measure revolutionary and fit-connection ride of the future is here to stay.

Are you ready? Master trainer Jono Selvadurai shouts into his headset as he eggs his riders on from his Technogym Bike with infectious energy and charming Aussie accent. But he is not doing a class in front of riders. He is in front of a screen livestreaming his pump-up-the-volume-style of ride. And he’s not alone. Thanks to its exclusive livestream and on-demand virtual partnerships with gyms like London’s 1Rebel and Milan’s Virgin Active Revolution, the Technogym Bike offers a diverse roster of the most influential superstar trainers out there like Jono, Jodie Lee Tye (from 1Rebel) and Enrica Albera (Virgin Revolution's trainer) to name just a few.
During these social distancing times, a real fit-connection revolution has started, and even though things have begun to open up again with the return of on-road riding and the promise of possible safely-managed spin classes in gyms, it has undoubtedly added a new-found focus to how one feels and self-motivates while training.

The tastemaker’s smart choice

Technogym Bike is the tastemaker’s number one smart choice, providing the ultimate high-octane performance ride in style with content play just a virtual flick, tap and stream away. Hailed as the ultimate home gym bike and revolutionary training tool, the Technogym Bike is all about creating an experience that is enjoyable and, above all else, motivating. From its console there is a Netflix-style selection of live or on-demand classes, with an array of trainers who in turn offer their spin on spinning. Additionally there is the possibility to create and curate your own comprehensive on-demand library, where you can select the type of workout, language (English, Italian, Spanish or French), duration (30, 40 or 50 minutes) and music.
The studio experience comes alive on the 22” full HD touchscreen display and the bespoke elements ensure you are pushed to reach your goals and maintain the drive to train. Technogym has been a pioneer in Smart Wellness on the go and is today active in 15,000 fitness and wellness centres across the world, providing millions of people with a personalized training experience anytime, anywhere: at the gym, at home, or even at work. It is undoubtedly the individual human connection that makes this smart virtual offering genuinely smart.

Riders, trainers, yogis, DJs, VJs, cheerleaders

Lockdown fitness has made virtual riding all about your space at home and has brought online experiences to the forefront. At the tip of your fingertips through the exclusive Technogym Bike subscription service, live or on-demand, you can choose to train with influential superstar trainers and their gyms who collaborate with Technogym. The variety of training techniques on offer will fit any mood, need, or vibe, and it is all accessible from the comfort of your home.
Not only are these superstars influential in their own (fitness) right, most have performance backgrounds and take their expertise as trainers, DJs, VJs and cheerleaders extremely seriously. Each brings an upbeat personality to the virtual ride, and the numbers of their serious online and social media followings testify to their appeal, whether that’s down to goofy humour, hardcore Olympic-style workouts, or simple good old-fashioned enthusiastic motivation.

Technically it’s all about the pedal

The Technogym Bike is the result of more than 30 years of biomechanical research and training feedback from Olympic athletes. With its fast setting it adapts to your body quickly so you can start focusing on the key part of your ride: pedalling. The bike is set up to allow for a fluid and easy pedalling style. With its three training positions – Standard, City Bike, and Race – as well as its heart-rate training feature, ‘proper’ pedalling is paramount.
The easily adjustable selection of different positions means that the Technogym Bike can cater to what works best for your body make-up and stance, thus providing the optimum complete workout, involving all the muscle groups, including legs, calves, and glutes. A patented on-the-fly system that provides four-way adjustments with one simple touch delivers both comfort and speed, with the result that the Technogym Bike accurately simulates exciting, authentic cycling on the road – a natural made-to-measure ride that feels intuitive and individually tailored to the user.

Design at its best

A lean and clean machine, the luxurious design of the Technogym Bike is found not only in gyms, but also in the most innovative international hotels, resorts, and wellness clubs. However, lockdown has seen a rise in the number of people introducing the sleek trainers into their homes too. Some locate their Technogym Bikes in a dedicated workout space, while others integrate them into the interior design of their living areas on account of their modern good looks.

Digital interval training and total-body workout

The Technogym Bike’s connectivity and cutting-edge digital features are one of the star takeaways, allowing riders to connect via the bike’s smart My Wellness platform console. Varying the intensity of your leg speed and resistance adds an extra dimension to workouts, enabling interval training, which is a great way to build strength. This is not a machine that simply enables group cycling; it also offers the possibility of a total-body workout thanks to the integrated handlebars and dedicated video content.

A social ride to the beat

A rhythm ride, it’s about a beat; and it’s about a feeling, says Jono Selvadurai, London’s 1Rebel’s fun and energetic Master Trainer. Jono is a professional dancer and brings his riding classes to a new rhythmic level, powering the collective experience virtually. Enrica Albera from Milan’s Virgin Active Revolution, is all about a Riding Revolution/Evolution and what she calls a ‘Ride Cycle Spirit.’ From her Technogym Bike, she energetically and technically pushes riders in her native Italian, calling them out, often by first name, connecting with those who are following her virtually.
Employing mixed beats made up of Electronica with a Mediterranean flair, Reggaeton and Latin dance music, she always encourages her followers and classes to use her hashtag #iosudoacasa (I sweat at home). A Ride to the Beat mantra is key for many, and the designers of the Technogym Bike have worked with sound architects to create a best-quality speaker system that is integrated into the Bike’s console. Creating a killer music playlist is just another way to maximize your motivation, and when coupled with workouts with your favourite trainer and the state-of-the-art biomechanics of Technogym knowhow, this is a riding experience where satisfaction is guaranteed.

Virtual ride of the future

One thing during these times still rings clear. Human connection is still and will always be paramount. So, join the Technogym Bike ride evolution with movers and shakers (literally) to sweat it out through lockdown and social distancing. The ultimate workout from home, the Technogym Bike’s fit-connection delivers on performance and power, the truly experiential virtual smart ride of the future!

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