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Five good reasons to choose Technogym Cycle as a gift

One thing is certain: making a wellness gift improves physical health, relieves stress, makes you sweat and at the same time has fun.
No matter who you are, a tip for a successful gift is to choose a wellness one: it improves your physical health, relieves stress, makes you sweat and at the same time entertains you. Being active and having fun while staying in shape is the best wish, we can give sharing wellness with loved ones means offering those around us an opportunity to get better thanks to physical exercise. Fighting a sedentary lifestyle with training, a healthy lifestyle and a positive approach to life are the cornerstones of people's well-being.

Training with Technogym Cycle

The perfect wellness gift is Technogym Cycle, the ideal cycling option for home training which takes just 0,7 m², but offers a wide variety of workout and entertaining offers, thanks to the possibility connect it to your tablet and access Technogym Live. Thanks to Technogym Cycle, you can have fun in the tranquillity of your own home by watching Netflix, the latest news, and so on, and by choosing your favourite channel based on language, trainer, music, and duration of training breathing the positive energy and passion of many classes in live streaming of exclusive clubs, or by selecting a large on-demand library, you can stay in shape at any place and any time.

Discover Technogym Cycle

From the Technogym Cycle built-in console, you can keep track of all the most important training metrics, while the addition of Technogym Live through your tablet allows you to choose among more than 450 classes available on the comprehensive on-demand library (Technogym Sessions). Technogym Routines makes you choose your goal and then guides you through a step-by-step tailored training session, while Technogym Outdoors will make you pedal in natural or urban settings from all around the world. Custom Workouts lets you choose the parameter on which you want to base your training (time, distance, calories etc.), and Technogym Playlists provides you with the right energy to give your best. While you train, the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system follows your heartbeat and customizes speed and resistance according to it.

Sharing wellness means making a loving gesture

The benefits of of Technogym Cycle are countless, but let's discover some:

  • Realizes the good intentions of the beginning of the year
  • 100% customizable workout
  • Workout with fun at home
  • Short but effective classes
  • Order Technogym Cycle now and use it as the perfect year-round gift

1. It realizes new year's good intentions

Technogym Cycle is an excellent way to try to keep the good intentions for the new year after the holidays with effective training, necessary after the detraining and relaxation of the festive period. The trainer you choose will help you find the right motivation every time you want to train and achieve your goals. Besides, you will always have before your eyes a community of riders who will push you to give your all, to overcome your limits.

2. 100% customizable workout

If you don't like the sameness of training, you will discover that Technogym Cycle offers you the maximum freedom, with the possibility of customizing your workout almost endlessly thanks to Technogym Live workout and entertaining options. It's hard to get bored with Technogym Cycle.

3. Have fun working out at home

Having Technogym Cycle means being able to decide to use it when and how you want, establishing ways and times of training: with Technogym Cycle you live the best training experiences, live and on demand, wherever you are. It is also simple to use and space-saving.

4. Effective training even in a short time

The free time to devote to our wellness is always too little and sometimes it is difficult to achieve results that are quite complex. Technogym Cycle allows you to take part to on-demand classes ranging in different lengths, at different intensities depending on the training. Thanks to the Technogym Live platform, Technogym Cycle offers diverse workout options based on several different parameters, which will always keep you engaged.

5.  Technogym Cycle: a year-round gift

There are many reasons to live a wellness lifestyle, and keeping fit while having fun is the most important. No matter what your reasons are: regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive approach to life can improve your daily life. Maybe you'd like to lose weight or just feel a little healthier and happier. Or you have started a family - or you are planning it - and maybe you want to get fit physically and mentally. Technogym Cycle is an innovative year-round gift, which will prove that you really care about the person for whom you buy it.

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