The first 30 days of Oliver with Technogym Bike

My name is Oliver, I am a 32-year-old freelance architect, I'm married to Claire and I live in Birmingham. I am a swimming teacher and lately, between swimming lessons and working at home, most of my day is busy. According to my sport watch, I went from training 5 or 6 times a week last summer to barely 5 workouts in February this year, neglecting my physical well-being, as well as exercise. I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to try a new way to train at home: I chose Technogym Bike because I liked the idea of training at home whenever I wanted with different trainers. I thought on-demand classes were perfect for people like me who can only train in their spare time between an appointment with a client and a lesson at the pool.
My new bike was coming soon. I couldn't wait to get started but first I had to decide where to place it in the house. I live and work in a 3-storey detached house with unfinished windowed basement, ground floor with my office and attic with a small guest bedroom.

I don't have to deal with limited space as my wife works all day in the city centre and my studio is part of the house, right next to our room.

My options

I had 3 options, I just had to pick the best one. I started making a list of pros and cons:

  • Office: With its solid, well-sanded wood floor, the office is the less invasive of all possible spaces. However, it is small and doing physical activity there could prevent me from having the environment in order after a workout if I had business meetings.
  • Basement: roomy area but watch out for humidity in summer and carpeting.
  • The guest room: we designed a guest room in the attic lit up by a window on the roof. There I could train in peace, next to the be but I am worried about not being able to control the temperature in the guest room.
I ruled out the basement as it is uncomfortable to reach and with little to no wi-fi connection. The second no was for the office. I cannot fully concentrate if the computer and phone are so close. Plus, if I train in the evening, I will bother my wife who sleeps next door and must limit my time on the bike.

My Decision

In the end I opted to place the Technogym Bike in the guest room. In retrospect, it proved to be the best option. The big window on the roof gives me enough light and air.

If I have to stay home to finish a project, training with Technogym Bike is just what I need. My wife has set up a small gym with someweights right next to the bike, where she can exercise her body with the mywellness training programs. The Mywellness app let you choose from different workouts or follow the tailored made programs by your personal trainer.

The lessons are so engaging. We smile every time my trainer cheers us up by saying:

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you look and smarter than you think".

I was amased by Technogym Bike's ability to bring my training back to a performance level. I am a former athlete; I love to train hard on the bike and I choose classes that pushes me to give my best. A 45 minutes Cycle Burn class is my ideal training, a well-balanced ride of aerobic component, fatigue resistance, weight training and addictive music. These workouts help me get back in the water and stay fit even if I haven't swum for a while as thanks to the classes I develop strength and agility. I can combine a bike class with more functional and endurance exercises and then conclude with final stretching, where I can bring my heartbeats back to a normal rate and avoid contractures or injuries.

It is now a month since I received my Technogym Bike. I am now able to train 5 days a week thanks to the extreme flexibility it offers. If I don't make it for lunch break, I can train in the evenings or alternatively even early morning before starting my day.

It's wonderful to get out of bed, climb up the stairs, turn on the bike and start working with a smile.

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