Team Building: it’s better in the gym

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, more accurately determine your role in the company team, and improve communication with colleagues. Among the benefits of team building activities, there are many ways to develop and increase the idea of being part of a team, especially those related to the world of sport, which seem to be particularly effective.
If you hear team building, the first thing that might come to mind is someone who lets himself fall into the hands of someone else to test mutual trust. Maybe your knowledge of the theme is exclusively the result of some 90s films. 
Nowadays it is universally acknowledged that team-building activities have a positive impact on the working environment and productivity. Not only that, team building can also be enjoyable and fun, especially when practicing it through sport.
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Compete, collaborate and have fun

Sport, as you know, is also a competition. Although this is often seen as a negative element in working environments, maintaining it at 'healthy' levels can have very clear effects on productivity. Can you imagine something that awakens the competition as much as a post-office football match at 7 o'clock?
Team sports are the best way to build useful and enjoyable competition, which takes place in a defined and distinct environment, away from that of the office, but whose benefits extend over time and space.
In addition, there is no need to say it, team games help to develop a feeling of belonging that would otherwise be unattainable.
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Despite the fact that competition is almost inseparable from sport, team-building sports adapt to all ages and skill levels. The aim is to include rather than exclude. It is therefore a question of enhancing the qualities of each individual participant, significantly increasing trust between colleagues.
Studies have shown that fun is one of the most important components that affects the quality of work, both in terms of the company climate and results. Sport can be the perfect tool to create a culture of fun in the company, making the office a pleasant place and teamwork that feels easy and spontaneous.

Wellness (is good) at work

First rule of team sports: on the playing field you are all equal. Although a company can be open and attentive to employee relations, it is natural that groups and divisions are created, even if not institutionalized. Practicing sport with colleagues means renouncing hierarchies for at least a few hours, destroying the barriers between positions and roles and encouraging communication and the involvement of all, stimulating the sharing of ideas among members, even if they are professionally very distant. Under these ideal conditions, it becomes much easier to direct team members and an entire company towards common goals, both in play and work.
Whatever your position in the company, it is always important to combine teamwork with leadership skills, which can be decisive on several occasions. Here too, sport can make a substantial contribution.
Strengthen self-confidence; strengthen decision making skills, increase speed of action: training and competitive gaming are the leader's greatest allies.
Finally, perhaps the most important element of all: planning moments dedicated to sport in the company calendar is an excellent way of communicating the importance of physical activity in everyone's life. Health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle are not only closely interlinked, but also mutually determined, largely defining the quality of life. Giving importance to these issues means favouring wellbeing in the company, transforming the office into a real wellness environment.
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