An extraordinary day with Sergio Penzo - Creative and Sea Lover

There’s an energy that connects and that is shared between all the cities rising upon the sea. People born by the ocean, are often linked to it by an unbreakable bond. They feel the need to see it, to breath the salty air whispering around with every wave, and they miss it whenever it is far.
Some push this love and affection forward, making part of their lives revolve around it. A few even feel the duty to protect such a powerful yet fragile universe, striving to do whatever they can, even to achieve the smallest change possible.

Sergio Penzo is a Chilean creative director, whose desire to spread this knowledge and awareness gave life to Panthalassa, a platform that explores contemporary culture and our unique relationship with our oceans.

Knowing that he lives in San Sebastian, few steps away from the Bay of Biscay, Spain, comes as no surprise.

Even if his daily life somehow orbits around the sea, it is definitely not completely devoted to it; often around the globe, both working as a creative and seeking beauty and inspiration, Sergio is driven by a powerful curiosity and desire to reach a deeper level of awareness and knowledge, whatever the context and topic is.
The baseline of all these features is perseverance, and a calm resolution, pushing himself forward, but with lightness and always with a smile.

Perseverance and daily training

Just like the ocean itself, looking often calm and peaceful, yet concealing a huge and overflowing energy.

There are many ways to connect with this untamable force: one is free diving. The aims and the reasons behind this practice may vary, but the means are the same: hold your breath, focus, and get deep. Everything lasts a matter of minutes, but it is balanced by uncountable days of training.

Sergio is not a professional diver, he does not do it for hunting, but he is not doing it for the sake of it either. Everything started just by reading a book, even if of course the idea of getting deep inside the sea has never been hostile to him. People get deep into the ocean because they want to see what is beneath the surface, but once they actually reach its depth, they may realize diving has much more to do with themselves, rather than with what is surrounding them.

It is a humble act where a man delivers his body to the sea. Preparation is like meditation: the more you breathe in, the more you focus. Once you start sinking, each movement becomes precious, and every particle of your body is devoted to that very moment. For a small handful of minutes, nothing else exists.

Whenever you are confronting yourself with something as powerful as the ocean, you need to keep in mind that you are not the host, you are the guest. Every glimpse of control is indeed a gentle license of the sea.

On the other hand, the things you can control, instead, are those where a man has to focus and to firmly take the lead of his life. It is pretty much like surfing, where you cannot go against the strength of the waves, but you have to use your knowledge, perseverance and patience to use that very force to your advantage.

Reaching the possibility of living a life which is perceived as extraordinary, is all about getting it.

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