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Record-breaking launches

Launches are a very ancient athletic gesture. They belong to many disciplines, but they can also be an act of pure goliarism. There are those who compete in the Olympics with a throwing and those who compete with friends, some throw up, others throw long, still others challenge dizzying heights to throw themselves upside down.
You can throw a frisbee, a boomerang, a disc or a javelin... or a handful of rice!

10 records concerning throws

Illustration of parachute launch

The longest frisbee throw

According to the Official Flying Disc World Federation, the record for the longest launch of the well-known plastic disc (Frisbee is actually a Wham-O Manufacturing Company brand, ed.) is 338 m and belongs to David Wiggins Jr., who had it recorded on March 28, 2016 in Primm, NV, USA.
Frisbee is definitely one of the most famous disciplines of launch

The record bounce of a stone thrown on the water

The world record for bouncing (the specialty that consists of throwing a stone over a surface of water and get the most rebounds) was won on September 6, 2013 in Pennsylvania: Kurt Steiner managed to touch the water 88 times with a single throw. In the past the man had already set a record with 40 rebounds, but was later surpassed by 51 Russell Byars and 65 Max Steiner.

In his career as a pitcher, Kurt Steiner has collected more than 10,000 quality stones, which he chooses personally and with great care: they must weigh between 85 and 225 g, have a very smooth surface, a flat side and a thickness between 6 and 8 mm.

Launching stones on the surface of the water is one of the most original launch records

The most famous pitcher

Without a doubt it is the famous Myron Discobulum, which represents an athlete in the act of throwing a disc. The original bronze sculpture was made around 455 BC, probably in honor of the city of Sparta, but we know it only thanks to the many copies of marble carved in Roman times, including the Lancellotti version, now in the Roman National Museum of Palazzo Massimo and Townley, preserved in the British Museum.
The Myron discobulum is a disc launcher from ancient Greece

The highest launch without a parachute

On July 30, 2016, American stuntman Luke Aikins jumped out of an airplane with a record height of 7620 m, without wearing a parachute or wingsuit. The free fall lasted about 2 minutes and made him reach a speed of 193 km/h. During the launch, Aikins used a GPS system that allowed him to land on a 30x30m safety net installed in the Simi Valley, California, USA.
A man flies waiting to open his parachute

The longest launch of an object

It belongs to the Australian David Schummy, who on March 15, 2005, at the Murarrie Recreation Ground, in Queensland, Australia, launched a boomerang at a distance of 427.2 m. It was not, however, a real boomerang launch: the flight of the object was stopped by a tree, which stopped the race and then dropped it on the ground.
The boomerang is a typical hunting object of the native Australians

The longest launch of a boomerang

The record for the longest launch of a boomerang (with return!) belongs, however, to the Swiss Manuel Schütz and is 238 m. Schütz holds several other records in this area, including the endurance record, with 81 launches and shots in 5 minutes, and the speed record of a boomerang, with 5 launches in 14.07 seconds, a record that, before him, had been unbeaten for 21 years.
Red Boomerang ready to be resumed after the launch

The oldest record for disc throwing

Two of the oldest records refer to the 656 B.C. Olympics and belong to the athletes Chione di Sparta and Protesilao: the records for which they are still remembered today are respectively a long jump of 7.05 m and a disc throw of 46.3 m.
Athlete in position for disc throwing

The most spectacular knife throw

David R. Adamovich, aka The Great Throwdini, holds several records in pair with his target girl Tina Nagy. In particular, the one for the highest number of knives thrown in one minute (102), obtained in Freeport, NY, USA in December 2007, and for the highest number of knives thrown alternately on both sides of a human target in one minute (63).

He also set the record for the shortest time to throw 10 knives (14 seconds) and the shortest time to throw alternately 10 knives on both sides of a human target (4.29 seconds), recorded respectively in November and July 2008.

Illustration of man on platform who has just received the launch of numerous knives

The launches in athletics

Among the disciplines of athletics we can recognize four specialties of throwing: the throwing of the disc, the hammer, the javelin and the jet of weight.

The men's world record for disc throwing is 74.08 m and belongs to the German Jürgen Schult (1986); the women's (and absolute) record was set by Gabriele Reinsch in 1988: 76.80 m.

In 1986 it was also the men's world record for the hammer throw, recorded by Jurij Sedych with 86.74 m. The women's record is more recent: in 2016 the Polish Anita Włodarczyk launched at a distance of 82.98 m.

In 1996 the javelin of the Czech Jan Železný raced 98.48 m, while 72.28 m is the measure reached in 2008 by the Czech Barbora Špotáková.

The men's world record for outdoor weight casting was set by American Randy Barnes, who achieved 23.12 m in 1990. A little less for women: in 1987 the Russian Natal'ja Lisovskaja set a record of 22.63 m.

Athlete in position preparing to throw the hammer

The launch of rice

Where does the tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom come from?

This custom, now widespread throughout the world, has its roots in China: according to an ancient legend, in a very distant time the country had been hit by a terrible famine. Seeing the suffering of the peasants, the Good Genius decided to intervene: he sacrificed all his teeth throwing them in a swamp. The water thus transformed them into seeds, from which thousands of rice plants began to sprout, which allowed the country to rise again.

The throwing of the rice to the bride and groom was therefore assumed as a symbol and wish for love, fertility and abundance.

Bride outside the church defending from their dose of wedding rice

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