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New Trends in Wellness Design. Let's find out with Patricia Urquiola

Technogym guest Patricia Urquiola, award-winning designer, shares her creative vision on trends, personalization, technology, connectivity …and why she likes her Technogym Bike in the living room.
In honor of Design Week Milano, the celebrated Archistar designer and longtime Technogym collaborator Patricia Urquiola sits down at Technogym Milano for an exclusive webinar talk about Wellness and what it all really means in the creative design process.

Patricia Urquiola has a strong creative vision when it comes to how health, entertainment, and the balance between body and mind have evolved. She has always been about merging seamless design and comfort but now more than ever, trends show that Wellness spaces have become a necessity and hybrid creative spots in places like the home, offices and hotels.

From the playful concept of celebrating the gym in one’s living room, Wellness services in Hotels, and resurrecting the traditional basement space for a gym to a more please to the senses location like a rooftop, terrace or looking out into nature, she makes it clear: Wellness in Design is here to stay.

At the very heart of its DNA, Technogym prioritizes design, technology and superior quality to allow more personalization and freedom, while always being able to train safely and effectively. Thanks to curated partnerships with numerous world-renowned architects and designers, it has allowed the company to translate a training experience to the most wellbeing and luxurious levels possible. And this means being on the pulse with what design creatives have to say.

How does the creative process start when you design wellness spaces?

We don’t talk about ‘fitness’ anymore, that an ancient term. We mustn’t be afraid of creating oxymorons. It’s all about Wellness. Wellness fits in with everything, at all times. We have to choose the right items and objects that bind to normal day to day life. Wellness is also this, our own Space.

During the period of the Covid-19 lockdown, even in the designer’s own home, in between the smart working remote routine and family life, workout areas naturally moved around the house, going to an exploratory location of the corridor and eventually taking over the central living area. It was a natural progression since this piece of equipment has become an important and integral part of a wellness journey. So, the exercise bike no longer has to be in a small corner of a room, and since it represents a sense of wellbeing, why not the living room or better yet the terrace? The possibility to workout overlooking a view or within an integrated living space represents a cultivated sense of freedom and creativity.

Patricia highlighted that hotels (finally) are now putting the concept of Wellness Spaces as a priority and an essential part of their guests’ stay. Its clear people have become accustomed to their curated lifestyle choices, dietary and workout regimes. Even the Designer now finds herself requesting the option of a Wellness concierge service, where the hotel can personalize the room with requested Technogym products to avoid having to go down to the basement of a hotel gym. Patricia also said, As a designer, I am always pushing the trend to move the traditional location of Hotel Gyms from the lower level (often windowless basements) to a more beautiful floor, like the rooftop or terrace. Looking out onto a beautiful view makes all the difference in one’s Wellness experience. All the senses – mind, body and soul- need to be curated.

Technogym and Patricia are on the same page: home fitness is not a competitor to fitness centers but that the future trend means that more and more people will exercise (and more) both at home and in the gym. This hybrid has changed design needs for both the home and public locations to accommodate this new ‘partnership’, taking into consideration the specific training needs of each user, size, style of surrounding furniture, and type of space.

Digital a priority for Wellness Design from the creative perspective?

For Technogym, digital innovation is clearly at the forefront with all its products connected to the cloud from an ecosystem perspective. The recently launched Technogym Live platform is an example of how to offer the user the most entertaining options with its offer of Netflix style on-demand training video content geared to personal training goals. Patricia’s perspective from the designer point of view commented, When we talk about technology, we talk about how wellness can be worn better. Open-mindedness is needed to do this in terms of materials and space. Adding that while digital has become an integrated part of our lives and wellbeing there will always be a need for balance: Technology and in-person socialization.
Technogym continues the conversation with its three-episode design webinar series in the pursuit of translating Wellness into the most luxurious, seamless and satisfying experience for all. Bringing the Gym into the living room, adapting its context is anything but simple so this hybrid evolution into Wellness Design has made the challenge all the more exciting

Watch the event

Wellness design top takeaways trends to train

Technogym Bike is the indoor bike, that offers you at home, at a hotel, at the club or at work, live or on-demand indoor cycling classes run by the most sought-after fitness trainers from fitness studios in different cities around the world. From its console you can choose between different options, from the trainer to the soundtrack, to make training more useful and fun. But the highlight is the revolutionary Technogym Live platform that allows you to participate in real live courses, which can be selected from the large on-demand library. With just one swipe, you have access to all kinds of workout regimes from spinning classes to one session -to-one cardio or strength training, up to virtual courses set in nature or in the most beautiful cities, obviously including different languages and cultures, with dedicated productions from every corner of the world.
Wellness Ball is a modern evergreen: the Wellness Ball Active Sitting, in particular, was developed to be used both at home and in the office. Whether you want to carry out a complete program of exercises, to train the back and trunk muscles, while improving stability and posture or simply smart working in front of a PC: core strength is happening.

Myrun is the home treadmill with its essential and elegant lines, which promises a complete experience, supported by dedicated programs and tailor-made customizations.

A special well-deserved mention also goes to Personal Line, a collection of iconic products, which combines advanced technology, innovative digital solutions and sophisticated modern design, created by architect and designer Antonio Citterio. The treadmill and bikes ensure the perfect cardio workout, Power Personal develops strength, and the Kinesis elliptical trainer multiplies the options, allowing you to enhance strength, balance and flexibility at the same time.

UNICA classic, multi-functional but always contemporary. Designed in 1986 by Nerio Alessandri, Founder and President of the company, this futuristic solution marked the beginning of home fitness and its evolved concept of Wellness. Compact, ergonomic and smart, with a timeless design, UNICA has changed the rules of the game, condensing 25 exercises into one and a half square meters of space: basically, an entire gym.

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