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How Mixed Reality will change sport and workout

Mixed Reality, which combines VR Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality in the physical world, is certainly one of the most interesting frontiers and its applications will soon find space among athletes and as a form of enjoyment by the public and fans.

It is one of the new disruptive technologies, they are changing the world in all its areas and sport is one of the realities in which digital transformation can bring out the best of innovation.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR), sometimes also referred to as hybrid reality, merges real and virtual worlds to generate new environments and new modes of visualization, where physical and digital objects coexist and interact with people in real time.

Mixed Reality does not take place exclusively in the physical or virtual world, but it is a mix of reality (the world we see and perceive with our senses) and virtual reality (the world we experience through special devices). This mix includes both augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

Mixed reality is a mixed reality that blends real and virtual elements
To better understand what this means, it is necessary to analyse the characteristics of each of these realities:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) immerses its users in a completely artificial and digital environment, regardless of the external context (real world) from which users are alienated.
  2. Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes virtual objects on the physical environment (real world) limiting itself to the mere visualisation of the same, without any real interaction between the environment and the objects themselves.
  • 3. Augmented Virtuality (AV) is the fusion of real-world objects into virtual worlds (e.g. a sphere in the user's hand is also displayed within the virtual reality it is exploring, so that tactile and visual perception will be aligned despite the fact that the device the user is wearing prevents him from seeing the sphere that is really in his hand).
  • 4. The Mixed Reality (MR) not only overlaps, but also anchors virtual objects to the real world, allowing users to interact with them according to the environment itself (e.g. a virtual ball that rolls on a real plane and at the end of it falls to the ground, as a real ball would do and how it can be picked up and felt through virtual reality gloves).

Among the areas in which the Virtual Reality (VR) has already entered some time ago and with success there is certainly the sports one, which today is ready for a further leap forward.

This means that with Mixed Reality you can have experiences of total immersion, but that do not transcend reality and the physical world, but integrate in them virtual objects, which are perceived and managed through special devices (glasses, gloves and other accessories from augmented reality, headphones with Audio Surround 4D Stereo and more).
The Mixed Reality is already present in many areas (eg. health, architecture, military, aviation and aerospace) and will soon be a trend in sport, both for training and practice by athletes, both in play, simulation and enjoyment by fans, who can live a true immersive experience in many ways.

Mixed Reality and sport

Virtual Reality (VR) has already entered the sports arena some time ago and with success, which today is ready for a further leap forward. If until now the focus has been focused mainly on the simulation of what happens during a race, helping athletes especially from the mental point of view and the psychological preparation for possible scenarios, more than from the physical one, with the Mixed Reality the stakes will rise significantly, thanks to the use of very innovative VR viewers.
With Mixed Reality, the stakes in training rise significantly
Bringing virtual objects into the real world and anchoring them to the reality that our senses perceive, means in fact putting us in a position to bring what until now has been completely virtual and digital in our physical world. Thanks to this we will have the opportunity to test in the field, just as if it were there with us and until now that we could only see inside a pair of glasses or a screen.

With the maturation of Mixed Reality and the technologies that support it, for example, within a hundred meters athletes can train together with the strongest in the world, seeing them alongside as holograms, or with athletes in their category that in the past could only cross paths during meetings and competitions.

Mixed reality is an innovative reality that will revolutionize the digital world
A driver can try directly on the track, dozens of times, a real start or a failed overtaking, or any moment of the race that has created problems for him or that he could have faced differently. He can also simulate all the possible behaviors of an opponent starting from his way of racing, putting himself in place of the drivers who have already done so in other races. All this without running the risk of colliding with opponents, but having immediate feedback of trajectories or maneuvers that would lead to impact, if the other cars had been real.

Mixed Reality for fans and participation

Just like the athletes, the spectators will also be able to experience the races in a completely new way, thanks to Mixed Reality. Already today, pay platforms allow us to choose the shots, the points of view and the angles from which we want to watch a competition.

Likewise, what we watch on TV is already increased by graphics, signs, animations and fruition aids that allow us to better understand what is happening.

Mixed Reality will take us to a new level of immersion in the event, giving us the opportunity to add to what we are seeing, live or live on TV, more stimuli and suggestions and bringing us literally into the action or on the stands of the stadium, instead of on our usual sofa.

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