Millennials, Design and Wellness: all the exhibitions of Fuori Salone 2018

Design week in Milan continues and Technogym's presence carries on in the most important conversations undertaken through exhibitions.
With the spotlight on young people, as well as to design: on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, Elle Decor Italia presents the new exhibition-installation ONLIFE Millennials at Home, 16 to 29 April 2018 at Palazzo Bovara in Milan, exploring the topic of the new generations’ relationship with living.
Technogym too enters into everyday life, into the furnishing of design and research. Increasingly chosen also as furniture or work of art, defined by a lifestyle and a Wellness way of thinking, as well as by lovers of fitness.
“We have identified four generational clusters, from twenty to over thirty year olds, to know their idea of home, their needs and aspirations, their relationship with design, experienced through objects seen not just as functional but also as icons”, declares Livia Peraldo Matton, editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia. The Millennials live in an ‘ONLIFE’ dimension, as Francesco Morace, sociologist and president of Future Concept Lab, calls it, in which the analogic world increasingly encounters the digital one. This fact gives them the role of innovators and messengers of the word because they are on the frontier of innovation.

Technogym @Milano Design Week 2018

How much attention the new generations pay to the concept of well-being is a subject that is widely recognized and debated, evidence is increasingly pervasive in every area of everyday life.
Finally, a Wellness Ball Active Sitting naturally enters the common areas of a shared home in perfect harmony with the so-called Lifesharers, 25-30 year olds, entering the world of work for the first time, and increasingly involved in co-housing and co-working situations.
Along the exhibition path, developed on over 1,000 m2, the Millenials’ living scenarios unfold: here you discover the inclinations of 20-25 year olds, the DigitalNatives, naturally nomad and physiologically digital, for whom the home is their personal melting pot for expression of individual passions and talents.
The exhibition continues with discovery of 30-35 year olds, the FamilyFans, who stand out for their desire for a home and a family, where the kitchen is the place they socialise and transmit values. These young adults define their social identity as a continuum with their original family nucleus.
The gradual shift from the idea of the world as their home, characteristic of digital natives, to realization that their home is their own personal world comes with the generation of over 35s, the HomeCurators. For this generation, the home is the mirror and privileged stage for all they are passionate about.
The thread running through the story is design, both in the choice of furnishing elements and in those objects, custodians of the family for memories or because they are icon pieces with a strong cultural worth as there are archetypes.

Timeless beauty, elegant and functional, durable and stylish. Designed to give personality to spaces, dynamism to our well-being, without losing sense of connectivity.

The quotation from Antonio Citterio, who, on the occasion of "The Open House", chooses for Elle Decor the iconic and immortal Technogym products, talking about hospitality.

In addition to design, the thread for this project is the relationship of youngsters with technology. An essential element in all fields of modern life. Wellness included.

Elle Decor ONLIFE Millennials at Home
A project by Elle Decor Italia
Photo courtesy: Stefano Pavesi

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