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Technogym's Excite Live Climb enters the Malaysian Book of Records by breaking three new records

Soh Wai Ching, World’s No. 2 Towerrunner, chooses Technogym for his record-breaking attempt. Having ignited interest in breaking multiple records consecutively late last year, he achieved his aspirations with Technogym’s Excite Live Climb on 9th April 2021.
The towerrunning athlete broke three records within an hour at Technogym Malaysia’s Experience Center. The records attempted were:

  • Fastest Time to Climb the Height of Petronas Twin Tower on a Stair Climb Machine
  • Fastest Vertical Kilometre Climb on a Stair Climb Machine
  • Longest Vertical Climb Distance on a Stair Climb Machine in One Hour

    Soh Wai Ching clocked 138 Floors in 16 min 16 sec for the first record, 304 Floors in 35 min 37 sec for the second record, and 514 Floors in one hour for the third record. Having completed 514 floors, equivalent to 1.694 kilometres, he had virtually scaled almost four times the height of World Tallest Twin Towers - Petronas Twin Towers and more than double the height of the World Tallest Building - Burj Khalifa.
Following a surge in the number of Covid cases in Malaysia, the event - initially slated for October 2020 - was delayed to January 2021. It was then postponed again following the announcement of a Movement Control Order a day before the event date. Despite postponing his attempt twice, it has not deterred Soh Wai Ching from striving to be the best. The Asia No. 1 Towerrunner only had three weeks of proper training on the Excite Live Climb prior to the attempt and had to focus on completing all three records within the time frame.

“Even with all the uncertainty that we’ve faced, it hasn’t stopped me from continuously trying to achieve greatness through training and to achieve my ambitious goal to be the best in the world. Every new challenge meant finding a new approach to work on even harder. In a normal towerrunning race, we only have to climb the building once and have only one finishing line to focus on. But this Record-Breaking Night is unique whereby there were three finishing lines to focus on and manage. I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to Technogym for allowing me to train on the Excite Live Climb in preparation for the record attempt and am looking forward to breaking more records on this machine!”.

Soh Wai Ching trained on and broke all three records on Technogym’s Excite Live Climb - a stair climbing machine with an incredible, accessible design and exciting training content. This stair simulator combines the lowest height with the deepest step surface – 28 cm – to make stair climbing comfortable and safe for everyone. Low-rise Courtesy Step and Toe Smart Design make climbing easy and worry-free. Paired with the new Technogym Live user interface where you will find an array of exciting and interactive training content, achieving fitness goals has never been more fun and motivating. Thanks to Technogym Live console, users will be able to choose an unprecedented variety of contents: Trainer-led Sessions, Outdoor virtual training, Training Routines and a full range of Exercises. Moreover, the Technogym Live console offers users endless entertainment options that include TV channels, social media, Netflix and a wide range of apps ranging from games to breaking news. Combined with innovative design, Excite Live puts together fun, performance and results that meets the needs of all users.

Discover Excite Live Climb

Technogym, having had over 35 years of experience in sports, wellness, and scientific research, creates the best equipment to support athletes all over the world in their athletic endeavours. This partnership with Soh Wai Ching confirms once again Technogym’s position as a reference brand for sports elites all over the world.

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