Mälarö Träningsverk and Technogym: a mecca for fitness enthusiasts

The cutting-edge Swedish fitness centre has chosen Technogym to give its members the best possible training experience

Located in Jungfrusund Marina, Ekerö, Mälarö Träningsverk is a family-owned training center that offers a wide range of training opportunities, such as gym, group training, weight loss, personal training and children’s dancing.

Since its inception in 2003, Mälarö Träningsverk has worked with the goal of making people, regardless of age and gender, feel joy and togetherness through training.
In order to achieve this, the center has always focused on being at the forefront of technology and equipment and give its members the best possible training experience.

That’s why Mälarö Träningsverk has chosen Technogym to equip its 2000 sqm of training area with the latest and most innovative Technogym equipment, such as Artis Line in the strength area, the range of products that offers the utmost training experience. Its seamless design stands out from the crowd and the new Live console empowers the most exciting training experience: the feeling it delivers is unique in its kind.
To ensure the best cardio training experience, Mälarö Träningsverk offers Excite Linethe revolutionary range of fully-connected cardio equipment equipped with the ultimate user interface Technogym Live, offering users people a new fully personalised training experience tailored to their goals and needs, thanks to a full range of workout content and entertainment options. Combined with innovative design Excite Live combines fun, performance and results that meets the needs of all users.

Within the fitness facility, members can train also with other state-of-the-art products of the likes of Skillrun, the first treadmill to combine cardio and power training in a single solution designed to meet the training requirements of both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and Skillbike, the indoor cycle that simulates the dynamics of hill climbing, enabling cycling professionals and enthusiasts to experience the emotion and challenge of outdoor riding in an indoor environment.

Skillrun and Skillbike are part of Skill Line, the line of equipment designed with athletes to achieve top sport performance. With its innovative technology, Skill Line offers both cardio training and resistance workouts in each piece of equipment to enhance overall power, making this the highest performance collection of fitness products in the world.

An immersive journey

Like many gyms, Mälarö Träningsverk has had a challenging year and the bike room has been empty for long periods of the day. This has now been solved by investing in the latest version of the Group Cycle: the center can now offer its members virtual cycling classes throughout the day, even outside of the regular schedule.

Discover the Group Cycle experience

Technogym’s new Group Cycle format is the perfect solution to create an engaging indoor cycling experience to offer members excitement, motivation, a shared training class and a tailorized workout at the same time.
This experience offers different riding classes that combine music, visual effects and precision performance data to create an interactive training that inspires people to move.

The huge videowall plays a fundamental role in the class to visualize personal and class results or just immerse yourself in the atmosphere, listening and visualizing the music. Educational and motivational video clips are projected on the screen to give you a boost right when you need it most.

Everything is supported by the new Technogym’s Group Cycle bikes, crafted to the highest standards of comfort, performance and connectivity. Featuring high power accuracy, on-the-fly settings, more resistance to sweat and iconic Technogym styling, everything has been packed into a compact product that fits easily into any space.

Always on: from the machines, you can easily pick out your latest workouts and see your history with the Mywellness Cloud app, the platform that makes it possible for you to access and plan your training, get motivation and inspiration for training wherever you are.

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