Korean cuisine: Super Kimchi Egg Fried Rice

A Korean national dish, appreciated all over the world by gourmands and health-fanatics, Kimchi is a preparation based on Chinese cabbage that combines an unmistakable aromatic bouquet with exceptional nutritional properties, which make it a true superfood. The secret lies in the magic of the vegetable fermentation process, from which comes to life a bacterial colony that is very precious for the health of the intestinal flora and the whole organism.

Kimchi properties and ingredients

Strengthening immune defences and improved digestion are just some of the benefits of fermented cabbage: the addition of garlic, chilli pepper, onion, daikon and carrot gives you a full hit of vitamins, antioxidants and antiviral substances, help against bad cholesterol and a perfect supply of fibre to contain the absorption of sugars and fats. What about flavour? Spicy (the degree of spicyness is easily adjustable to your liking according to how much chilli pepper you use), fresh and, according to many, addictive!
But that's not all: kimchi is also easy to prepare in the kitchen at home and is a clever way of preserving vegetables. A glass jar and a little patience are enough to obtain a tasty condiment capable of reviving even a simple white rice.
With an egg, algae chips, rich in iodine, and some sesame seeds, it then becomes a complete and balanced dish that fits well into the nutritional table of a sportsman.
Tip: avoid if you are planning a romantic appointment or, better still, eat it in two.

Taste the dish during the Olympics

Ingredients for 4 people

1 Chinese cabbage
1 carrot
½ daikon
100gr chilli pepper flakes
½ onion
4 peeled cloves of garlic
50gr fresh ginger
2 spoons of fish sauce (in international food shops. If you can’t find it, you can replace it with soy sauce)
480gr of previously cooked white rice
4 eggs
4 spoons of sesame seeds
2 spoons of sesame oil
2 spoons of sunflower oil
Salt as you like
Algae chips as you like
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"Physical activity and food intake are both specific and mutually interacting behaviors capable of encouraging a person's good health."

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