The story of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi and the importance of doing what we really like

Katelyn Ohashi is a 21-year-old American gymnast, gifted with great talent and a passion for gymnastics and dance, which has led her in recent years to become a queen of social media, as well as a great gymnast.
Born in Seattle in 1997, Katelyn Ohashi made her debut in gymnastics at the age of 3. At 14, in 2011, after many successes in national and international gymnastics competitions and after beating, among others, the future Olympic champion Simone Biles, gymnast Ohashi joined the U.S. national team. Unfortunately, in 2013, shoulder and back problems put an end to her professional career, but not to her immense passion.
Even in her best time in the world, Katelyn Ohashi was considered too heavy to achieve excellent results in this sport, but there is no obstacle that can stop those who really love what they do. After back surgery, the girl decided to get back into the business as a college athlete. Since 2016 Katelyn Ohashi has been competing and winning for UCLA -University of California Los Angeles, one of the most famous and successful schools of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), the federation that organises the sports tournaments of the university teams with stars and stripes.
A parable that she herself tells in a video for Players’ Tribune entitled I Was Broken, in which she writes:

There was a time where I was on top of the world, an Olympic hopeful. I was unbeatable. Until I wasn't.

The video of his performance evaluated 10 by the judges at the Collegiate Challenge Championships in Anaheim is making its way around the world. Her performance is pure joy and energy. This is what can happen when passions go beyond pride and the desire to win prestigious trophies and medals. But this is also what happens when someone breaks several barriers at the same time and finds themselves being an icon, a role model and an influencer. What does all this teach us?

In sport and in life, to succeed, you need passion and dedication.

Professional sports like gymnastics confront gymnasts with an enormous load of pressure, effort, commitment and sacrifice, which only very few can bear. In some disciplines, moreover, all this weigh on the mind and body of very young boys, who are required to grow quickly, to take on great responsibilities and to take care of their body and their psychophysical condition in a maniacal way.
Obviously, talent is a fundamental component, as is passion, but to excel in sports such as gymnastics these two parameters may not be enough. Katelyn Ohashi's competitive history is no exception. Well before she was 18, in the middle of her adolescence, this girl had to take note that, despite the excellent results she continued to achieve, Katelyn Ohashi’s career was heavily conditioned by her physical conformation, which represented an impossible limit to overcome towards consecration in professionalism.

Her performance is pure joy and energy

A crucial point that thousands of promises of the sport arrive and that, too often, bring these missing stars to leave the sport. Sometimes even to hate it, because when a passion is too strong it is not uncommon that, in the darkest moments, it can arise in anger and frustration.

Katelyn Ohashi's talent and passion

Unlike many others, however, Katelyn Ohashi's great passion for gymnastics and dance has not led her to give up everything, not even in the face of the physical problems and surgery that they have made necessary. Within a few years, Katelyn Ohashi had the courage to recover, to get back in shape and to start again from student sport. A leap into the darkness of amateur sport that many athletes cannot bear, but that Ohashi has instead experienced as a challenge.
The pressure of gymnastic professionals, exhausting training and the nightmare of being physically inadequate and risking injury and depression are all gone. Knowing how to accept one's own limits is a great proof of maturity and this new phase of Katelyn Ohashi’s competitive career fully demonstrates it.

Katelyn Ohashi: the rise to becoming a shining gymnast example and a famous influencer

Katelyn Ohashi is not a rarity in the world of sport. There are many who reach the highest levels and they are forced to go back while maintaining their desire to compete and work hard for their passion. What makes it different from many others, however, is the following, the affection, and popularity that this athlete is gaining with her exploits. Katelyn Ohashi is proving that an athlete can set an example even if competing in the minor categories.
Thanks to her network and her charisma, the 22-year-old girl Katelyn Ohashi is showing the world that talent, passion, and dedication are essential requirements to achieve great results and to be happy with what we do, no matter how hard we try to win.

The sense of effort and pain that a gymnast feels when she train herself, in fact, is not to get to compete and win where our limits cannot take us, but to always give the maximum, believing in ourselves and giving joy to those who look at our smile while we do it. The sport has an enormous value (like Katelyn Ohashi perfectly understood) which cannot be exhausted in the spotlight of the Olympics, the world championships and superb professionalism. This was physiological before the Internet and social media, but today it is no longer.
The web is full of stories to tell, of wonderful people who do not have the numbers to win an Olympic medal, but who also have something to teach us and much to show.

Who cares if Katelyn Ohashi's stunning ranked-10 performance took place at a national student meeting, instead of the world championships?

Katelyn Ohashi flies and dances with a smile on her face, amusing and exalting her companions, the audience, the judges and her hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, ready to applaud her for what she is, as well as for the medals she puts around her neck.

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