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How to create a personalised nutrition plan with 3 apps

Personalised nutrition is what really makes the difference in our wellness journey. We are what we eat – so they have always told us, but the problem of understanding what we can eat to be how we want to be remains a challenge. The ideal for many people is to be healthy, fit and able to give the best of ourselves by burning "good energy".

Most of the time, this primal doubt translates into nothing concrete: we keep eating what we like, what we can afford or what can be mistakenly eaten as something that is supposed to do us good – maybe because it is common knowledge or because we believe it has some properties or characteristics that can do something more.

In recent years however, favoured by the Internet and the so-called Digital Transformation, the science of nutrition has come out of medical practices and research centres, reaching the masses in many different ways. In the same way, numerous programs have spread to create personalised diets.

Personalised nutrition online

Healthy nutrition has become a fashion, so much so that in the era of the Network and Apps it is witnessing an incredible proliferation of services and tools that can help those who want to eat well and stay in shape. Perhaps following a personalised diet, based on individual physical characteristics, as well as on any health problems and food intolerances.

Here are some examples of Apps and programs to get back in shape and stay in shape by eating well and doing a little movement.

Personalised diet with 8fit

8fit starts from the premise that pre-set fitness programs are not suitable to achieve results, stating that the highest level of customisation is an essential prerequisite in the journey to be healthy. You need to change your lifestyle before you just play sports or create your own diet.

Using this App is like having a pocket nutritionist and personal trainer to help create a customised diet and training program. Losing weight, keeping fit or increasing muscle mass is therefore, according to 8fit, the result of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

In combination with simple and quick exercises that can be found on dedicated apps like mywellness app, 8fit offers an easy-to-follow and personalised food plans, suggesting at the same time the best foods to eat and those to avoid, as well as healthy recipes and the shopping list to prepare them.
8fit is basically free, but to get the most out of this App you need to subscribe to the pro version, which unlocks many bonus features.

Personalised nutrition healthy view with Lifesum

This App comes with a promising claim: "Lose weight. Increase mass. Eat better. Everything is possible with Lifesum. A true all-round personalised diet.”

Based on your health and the lifestyle you want to achieve, Lifesum creates a personalised training and nutrition plan to help you choose and learn a simpler, healthier lifestyle.

This is one of the most popular Health apps on the Web and allows you to get a personalised plan for your Life Score™, a parameter that helps you identify and live a healthy life.

The App works on the right diet, the necessary training and motivation, which more than anything else is what you need to live well and stay in shape.  Lifesum is fully integrated with Google Fit and S Health to export water and food consumption to these tools and import fitness data, such as step or exercise counts and weight.

Like 8fit, Lifesum is a freemium app, whose most sophisticated features are only available on a subscription basis.

Personalised health with Nutrino

Nutrino is a provider of nutrition-related data, analysis and technology services. The company's ambition is to build the world's largest and most adaptable nutritional insight platform, a true centre of personalised diet calculation.

People at Nutrino invented the concept of FoodPrint™, to discover the invisible connections between people and food to better guide decisions related to nutrition.

Recipes and personalised diets, tips for eating well outside and other important tips for living well and staying in shape are the winning cards of this App.

With Nutrino you can keep a daily diary of what you eat, while the personalised diet allows you to eat the right foods according to your goals (e.g. weight loss, muscle mass gain), any problems and limitations (allergies, intolerances, diseases) and physical characteristics.

The strength of this App is its ability to keep track of everything we eat, but also to allow us to plan, day by day or for the entire week.

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