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Home cycling: training in the comfort of your own home

Finding space in the home is a precious discipline; training at home favours concentration and private conversation with oneself more than anything else. The silence and stasis that surround the athlete and wellness enthusiasts allow for greater attention to execution, a spasmodic search for cleanliness of movement, greater calm and effectiveness of motion on all muscle elements.

Much more than an object, much more than a design icon. When an athlete approaches home cycling and his bicycle, a relationship is at stake. The intimacy that is created with the tool of so much effort means something special: it is a real bond generating rhythm.

The rise of home cycling

It is no coincidence that home cycling is a phenomenon in wide rise, its rapid spread and capillary has several reasons while its use involves a number of significant advantages. Whether you are a perfomer, an athlete, a businessman just landed from Honk Hong, or from Manhattan, or returning from the heart of the metropolitan jungle: wherever you are, indoor training is your moment with yourself. During business trips you often feel worn out by jet lag and the tension that precedes an important meeting: then cycling in total solitude ensures high-performance training on the one hand but at the same time an encounter with yourself, with your limits and the desire to overcome them thus activating a considerable relief, physical and mental.
When you are not away, having a bike at home means saving time, first of all. No movement, no danger generated by traffic or rain. The journey from home to the gym is cancelled out by comfort. No traffic jams on the roads and no waste of fuel when driving to the gym are synonymous with better management of your free time: the tools you need are just a few steps from your bed. Home cycling means no cards and subscriptions, no courses. Only you and your rhythm are immersed in total concentration on performance. Stopping in front of the mirror, asking you what others will think of your effort, is pure imagination: you don't need it.

The soundtrack is the one you prefer: the total silence or the playlist that starts slowly and intensifies with your performance to start training with the custom soundtrack is another story.

The soundtrack is the one you prefer: the total silence or the playlist that starts slowly and intensifies with your performance to start training with the custom soundtrack is another story. From the list of favourite songs, the BPM is chosen according to the activity. It's well known that making cardio with a high bpm is counterproductive, however, gyms that arrogate the unpopular right to consider lyrical or ambient music amplifiable are rare. Although melodies with their characteristics allow for better recollection, better calm and are the most used for solo training and home cycling too.

The advantages of training at home

Physical activity has the task of making you feel good and relieving the daily tensions but it is difficult to forget the stress by finding the queue in front of the machinery you need or meeting the gaze - perhaps winking - of a stranger who lifts 100kg. Who has never stopped to say goodbye to an acquaintance, avoiding being unpleasant? Who has never found on the bench of exercise the traces of sweat of its previous user?

Forget all this. Your home is a temple, where you can neither interrupt the exercise nor the calming of your thoughts. The elegance of the tools for exercising, their design to be appreciated in the quiet of your effort. Where you can breathe, allowing yourself to be detached from everything else.

Finding space in your home is a precious discipline. Training at home favours concentration more than anything else. The silence and stasis that surround the athlete allow a greater attention to the execution of the exercises. A greater calm that often results in a better effectiveness of the motion on the muscle elements.

Of course, the gym can counterbalance an inadequate degree of determination. Workouts and home cycling are not for everyone. It means looking at yourself, discovering a deeper and less ostentatious will. As Lao Tzu wrote: He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened. It's a matter of determination and humility. Imagine yourself in the middle of the room on the pedals, modulating intensity and speed: training of thought, conceptual commitment before physical. Opening your eyes in the silence of the house at 5 am for your home cycling session, leaning your arms on the handlebar pursuing your goal sounds like a mantra.

Training at home and technology
New technologies allow you to import real routes on your home bike, these are then reworked by computer systems in changes of intensity and strength of the bike. Simulating routes is an excellent way to prepare for the official competition, knowing the rhythm of the track made of slopes and straights. You can set personal records and - by connecting tracking devices - compete with your friends wherever they are in the world.
Whether you're training for a target distance or preparing for a particular altitude delta, you can monitor your pedalling accuracy with new instant feedback systems designed to improve your efficiency. At each turn of the pedal, the symmetry of the pair between the left and right leg is analysed and reported in real time. The new warriors fight like this: the help of science and the quiet of the spirit allow a degree of deep determination, making possible a crystallized and almost magical atmosphere. A place where time does not exist and there is nothing but the beat of one's heart and the strength to go further.

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