The Hamptons: an exclusive stay in unspoilt nature

From Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to Steven Spielberg, from Lady Gaga to Calvin Klein, from Madonna to Anna Wintour: the Hamptons - the stretch of coast of Suffolk County overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, about two hours from New York - are a prestigious and transversal holiday resort, much loved by the jet set that gravitates around Manhattan.
Endless, clean and sandy beaches, country chic luxury - discreet and without excesses - high-end restaurants, 1920s-style villas that seem to have come out of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby or , more recently, from the film Wall Street: the ocean-view villa where some scenes from Oliver Stone's film were shot were put on sale in 2018. Spending the summer in the Hamptons, thus, means immersing oneself in exclusivity and a style, despite its latitude, closer to the European than the American one: but what convinces travelers who could stay anywhere to choose this destination? The short distance from NY is a good point in favor, but there is more.

Why stay in the Hamptons

A holiday in the Hamptons has a reputation for being luxurious - and it is - but if you can spend the evening in a starred restaurant or stay in extraordinary hotels or dream villas, there are more simple options related to local tradition, such as kiosks on the beach where you can taste oysters, or enjoy on the street the classic lobster rolls of the area, or even organize an elegant picnic on the beach.
As sophisticated as New York but with a casual soul, set in a breathtaking landscape between the countryside and the sea, the Hamptons see the first tourists arriving from Memorial Day onwards, so from the end of May. If June is populated but livable, July and August are a very high season and if you can, it's best to visit this enchanting stretch of America from another time between September and October, when the climate is good yet and the summer crowds have disappeared.

Where to sleep

Where to sleep in the Hamptons? There are hotels to stay in, and between boutique hotels and five-star luxury hotels are modern and with well-equipped gyms, but beware, the accommodation capacity is not huge and compared to hotels are much more frequent holiday homes to rent. The Hamptons are not an area of hotels one after the other, there are many more offers of leases.
The Hamptons are not "all the same", they are a series of small coastal towns with different characteristics. Southampton is chosen by the world of finance, boasts high-end or high-end restaurants - where it's science fiction to sit without booking - and has enacted rather strict rules for urban decorum. One example? There is an absolute ban on circulating in costume and slippers through the streets of the city.
Smaller Bridgehampton, in the interior, is like Southampton but with some high end boutiques. To the north is the smaller Sag Harbor, about two thousand inhabitants, once a village of whale hunters.
The heart of the Hamptons is not far away, in East Hampton. Also reachable by air - thanks to an airport frequented by private jets and helicopters - East Hampton offers to those who visit high fashion shops and restaurants starred not to finish, as well as the museum house of a great local artist, Jackson Pollock. The inventor of dripping, however, is not the only protagonist in the history of art related to the town: Andy Warhol also frequented the area, in a villa wherewith Paul Morrissey - who still lives there, but in Montauk - welcomed the protagonists of the show-biz of his time, from John Lennon to Jacqueline Onassis.
After East Hampton, there is Montauk, a town with a bohemian soul much appreciated by Gwyneth Paltrow. Montauk is the terminus of the railroad that connects the Hamptons to NY and offers restaurants and slightly cheaper accommodation, including a campsite.

A holiday in the Hamptons means above all relaxation, walks through the coastal towns and a few afternoons on the beach, where you can enjoy a pristine coastline made of three ingredients mixed perfectly: fine sand, sun, and sea.

Which sports in the Hamptons

To keep in shape there are many possibilities, starting with those related to water sports: surfing, windsurfing and kiting in the area are very popular, thanks to both the waves and the constant breeze that blows even in the hottest days ensuring pleasant temperatures and away from the torrid heat of Manhattan.
Where to go with your board? Many surfers in the area choose Napeague Bay, but the waves are also interesting at Ponquogue Beach, Ditch Plains, the Camp Hero Nature Park, the Shinnecock Inlet or the technically "private" - but accessible if you have any local friends - beach of Dune Road. There are private beaches, but in most cases access is free.
When trying to avoid losing your holiday fitness regime, cycling is also very popular, both on the road and by mountain bike, both for the beauty of the roads, or for that of the surrounding environment: that thanks to long beaches allows you to take your bike to the beach and ride a few meters from the waves. For those who do not like the shoreline just move inland, from Northwest Woods to Shelter Island, or maybe face the 40 miles that separate East Hampton from Montauk. The Hamptons bike routes are within everyone's reach and there are no excessive gradients, but for those who prefer to train indoors, there is the possibility to practice indoor cycling in equipped gyms.
The Hamptons bike routes are within everyone's reach and there are no excessive gradients, but for those who prefer to train indoors, there is the possibility to practice indoor cycling in equipped gyms.

Those who want to keep their swing and choose golf even on holiday have several possibilities, indeed: even about fifteen. There are many golf clubs in the area, a concentration with few rivals in the world of greens of the highest level.

Only if introduced by a registered guest you can also practice in the oldest golf club in the United States, the legendary Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Very elegant and austere, the Shinnecock Hills is a temple of old-fashioned golf immersed in the Southampton countryside and overlooking the ocean of Peconic Bay. Founded in 1891, and consistently ranked among the top ten U.S. courses, it will host the 2026 U.S. Open. It still boasts strict rules, although adapted to the historical period in which we live: as a result, smartphones, and tablets are banned. It is natural in a club of that level a strict dress code, almost unchanged for over a century.

Kinesis and Artis Synchro for golf players

An effective golf training program allows you to strengthen your muscle tone in a manner specific to competitive practice: in addition to aerobic training, routines  must be designed to strengthen muscle tone and to improve performance during the game.
Strong and stable core, back muscles, shoulders, forearms and legs gives a player greater control for precision fairway shots or shots onto the green, as well as with putting. Resistance bands, such as those found in the Wellness Bag from Technogym and functional training equipment such as Kinesis Personal are ideal for developing muscles for golf. This is because they can be set up to mimic the motions of the golf swing, thus training the muscles in the way they are going to be worked. Strengthening your golfing muscles functionally will also help prevent injury while improving your golfing performance.
Whilst golf is a relatively low intensity exercise, building up your stamina through cardiovascular exercises will improve your game by improving your overall fitness. Good stamina also helps you cope with high-pressure shots better by being able to focus and concentrate on getting your hole-winning putt right. Being overweight, physically unfit or lacking in stamina will have a negative impact on your performance and your game will deteriorate over time rather than improve. Who wants to be out of breath and totally exhausted half way round the 18 holes?

Resistance bands and functional equipment such as Kinesis Personal are ideal for developing muscles for golf.

Building up your stamina will improve your cardio endurance - you will be able to walk or even run around all 18 holes on the golf course - plus it will also help you reach and/or maintain a healthy weight. Elliptical cross trainers, such as the Artis Synchro are an ideal way to build up your stamina for golf. These combine lower body lateral movement with an upper body convergent movement that involves the arms, torso and core to provide a balanced full body cardio workout.

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