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Train with a view: how to set up a gym in your patio

Training outdoor is a must for many enthusiasts who want to shake off the winter inertia and get back in shape for the summer with the onset of the nice season. It is nice to grind miles running or cycling in the open air, but training at home is a great alternative because it's practical and safe. What could be better than training on the terrace or in the garden without the risk of being disturbed? Exercising on the terrace, garden or patio offers exclusive benefits that are important for many fitness enthusiasts. The outdoor spaces in your home acquire more value thanks to innovative sets of Technogym solutions, suitable for everyone's training needs and space availability.
How to set up an outdoor gym at home? What should we consider when positioning the equipment? What are the tips to use it safely and protect it from atmospheric agents?

We asked the experts at Technogym Interior Design for some suggestions suitable for different types of outdoor domestic space, whether small, medium or large. With a little imagination and the help of professionals, it is possible to design the right space for outdoor training to be used as a training cave.

5 good reasons to set up an outdoor gym at home

Having an outdoor gym area is a great fitness project, for several reasons.

  • Exercise is a medicine to strengthen the immune system. Training at home is convenient and if done correctly, effectively and safely it can relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life.
  • Gardens, terraces and patios can be ideal places when it is not possible to exercise on the road, at the park or the gym.
  • An outdoor home gym gives continuity to our usual outdoor routine. Besides, if you train indoor, oxygen consumption worsens the air quality, limiting the possibilities of training.
  • It is an advantageous solution for those who have little time or live far from the fitness centre.

Outdoor gym: where to start

To set up an outdoor gym, our first advice is to identify an area for training comfortably and at the same time another one, indoor and away from humidity and weather, where to store the equipment once the training is over. These two spaces will allow you to enjoy the benefits of training outdoor in the summer and indoor during the colder months, in the total privacy of your own space.

If you want to train with cardio equipment such as Skillbike or Skillrow, the advice is to place them on a flat and vibration-free surface such as a platform in concrete or wood to ensure the equipment is stable and can be safely used.

The lawn of a garden is ideal for free-body exercises or activities with small accessories such as bands, wellness ball, dumbbell or kettlebell. The soft nature of the ground is suitable for cushioning shocks and preventing the risk of joint injuries. Choose a spot where the ground is flat and train in contact with nature, in the middle of greenery, preferably with a mat. Having plants and greenery around are welcome, as long as they don’t obstruct exercises.

The shelter of a canopy protects the equipment from weather conditions such as sun or rain and increases the time available for outdoor exercise throughout the year: systems such as sliding windows allow you to transform a balcony or part of it into a space dedicated to indoor and outdoor fitness.

When you place the equipment, pay attention to the light, natural or artificial, which should not impact on the equipment's LCD screens as the reflection could prevent you from following the lessons of your favourite trainers.

When to train outdoor: choose the right time

The chosen outdoor area should have sufficient space to carry out the exercises safely. We use the equipment in favourable weather conditions and always store it in a closed and dry environment, in the house or a storage room in the garden. If machines are not used, a good tip is to cover them with sheets or any other material that insulates them hermetically from the ground.

If machines are not used, a good tip is to cover them with sheets or any other material that insulates them hermetically from the ground.

The most important advice for choosing the equipment is to follow your workout skills and pay attention to the inevitable limits of the outdoor environment. In addition to following your fitness goals, it will certainly be useful to choose products that are easy to store indoors in case of bad weather or once workout is over.

Outdoor gym: where to start

For a complete outdoor cardio and endurance workout, Technogym Interior Design's experts recommend a set of equipment that allows the greatest possible muscle activation and ease of use. Skillrow guarantees the activation of many muscle groups are foldable and easy to store. Skillbike, the first indoor bike with a real gear shift that lets you experience the thrill and challenges of outdoor at home. For exercises aimed at core stabilization, a good choice could be the Technogym Bench, the all in one station which includes all the tools you need for a perfect and complete workout.

Discover Technogym Bench

Set for small outdoor home

Technogym training kit: choose the tools for your workout

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