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Gilberto Nobili, the specialist of the America's Cup in Luna Rossa team

Whoever approaches the world of regattas from a very young age, in particular the one that has its highest expression in the America's Cup, can easily underestimate the effort and sacrifice that this discipline entails. To become part of one of the most renowned teams in the world, in fact, is a path far from easy or linear, marked by many obstacles and even when reached, fulfilment is not guaranteed. The intense days filled up by hard physical training, tests and exercises aimed at coordinating a crew that is constantly called upon to put itself to the test with new technologies can turn into nothing in a matter of seconds, for almost imperceptible nuances: a crooked day, a wrong manoeuvre, a single mistake can blow up the efforts of years.
The fundamental attributes for those who dream of excelling in the world of racing and to raise the America's Cup to the sky are two: spirit of sacrifice, which pushes greatest sailor to devote themselves completely to the cause without any security, and the necessary determination to never give up and start again after a mistake or results not expected.

America's cup sailor Gilberto Nobili at next Technogym Talk

Gilberto Nobili will be the star of the next digital event, part of the series Technogym Talks, with the topic "The training secrets of a world class sailing team".
Technogym talks are a cycle of exclusive webinars run by experts in the health, fitness and sport worlds, brought to you to share their knowledge and experience.
On the Technogym Talk, taking place on May 5th 2021, thanks to Gilberto Nobili's unique experience in multiple Americas Cup competitions we will have the chance to learn about how a successful team is built, from crew selection to athletic training and performance.

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Who is Gilberto Nobili?

In an extremely young team like the one with which Luna Rossa is preparing to face the campaign to the 36th edition of the America's Cup in 2021, it is essential to have the presence, both on board and in the daily preparation, of those who already know the world of racing in depth and have already experienced it at the highest levels. This is the case of Gilberto Nobili, 45 years old and already the winning protagonist of the last three editions of the trophy in the world for which he still competes today. A former canoeist, in 2001 he was summoned by Luna Rossa for an audition that allowed him to enter the world of racing. After taking part in two campaigns with the Italian team, in 2010 Gilberto Nobili competed with the BMW Oracle Racing team and managed to snatch the "old pitcher" from Alinghi's hands and in 2013 confirmed his status as champion with the American crew against Emirates Team New Zealand.

These victories are the merit of the whole team, yet Gilberto Nobili plays a fundamental role. Grinder and performance specialist, he has excellent sailor skills and a formidable athletic training combined with a brilliant mind that led him to develop numerous products on the boats that accompanied his victories.

Latest example was in 2017 when Nobili accepted the challenge of returning to Luna Rossa, but the withdrawal of the Italian team led him to join the Emirates Team New Zealand challenging the Oracle champions in the waters of Great Sound in Bermuda. This is the third consecutive victory as its protagonist and an extraordinary and almost unthinkable goal for the young Gilberto, originally from Castelnovo ne' Monti, almost 1000 meters above sea level and 10000 inhabitants in the Apennines of Reggio Emilia.
I was born in a small mountain village not famous for sailing. I always loved sport, maybe I tried them all, but my passions were certainly athletics, skiing and river canoeing. One day during my university years, I met in Parma by chance a Luna Rossa grinder who had just returned from Auckland after the 2000 Cup. Romolo Ranieri (also known as "the uncle") then invited me to a two-day audition at Punta Ala and those two days became twenty years of my life.
After my first two experiences with Luna Rossa in 2003 and 2007, I spent time with the American Oracle team, winning the 2010 and 2013 America's Cup editions, and then with Emirates Team New Zealand, winning the 2017 one. Always part of the sailing team, yet I carved out a space for myself in the performance sector first and then in the mechatronics sector. I have participated in various international sailing events in the TP52, Maxi and Extreme40 classes, as well as four years of Olympic classes (2004-2008) in Star with Francesco Bruni. The 36th edition will be my sixth America's Cup.

The fundamental role of Gilberto Nobili

Having played a very important role on Oracle and Emirates, Gilberto Nobili is even more fundamental in the campaign that will take Luna Rossa to the 2021 races in Auckland. As operations manager he must coordinate the team's days, balancing the work done on the water with training on land and always encouraging the entire crew to stay on top of their game. It therefore comes naturally to ask him what is the drive to mantain such a fatiguing life and to continually give his 101% at 45 and with so much success behind him?
I won my first Cup as a challenger in a Deed of Gift. I defended it with the same team in what has been called for years "the greatest comeback in the history of sport. Then I changed team and won again as a challenger. I just miss winning it for my country and then I think I made them all. If I had stayed with Emirates Team New Zealand, I would certainly have had a 50% chance of winning it a fourth time, my old teammates are, by regulation, already in the final. But easy things are not always the most satisfying.

Gilberto Nobili prefers the challenge represented by Luna Rossa, the dream of a victory that would go down in history and that would be the crowning achievement of a career always lived at the highest levels. A fascinating adventure and completely different from the previous ones in a real bet with himself.

We have incredible talents in Italy and nothing to envy to others. For better or for worse, however, we are Latin and, if on the one hand this puts into play an ardour and creativity difficult to find abroad, on the other hand it exposes to problems typical of our nature that in previous years were very mild. We have the cards to play our game, but it will be hard and, as happened in the last two editions, the human component will play its part as much as the technical part.

Keywords: enthusiasm and passion

The life of a sailor, especially at the highest level, is marked by stages and deadlines, and by a series of sacrifices that require constant dedication. "Gillo", as his friends call him, faces all this with enthusiasm and passion: he believes, in fact, this is the life he has chosen, and he does not regret it.
My day starts at 5 am, I answer the e-mails I received during the night, then I go to the gym and do my athletic training. Around 9 am we really start, between office, meetings and work on the boat outside and inside the water. I do exactly what I like to do, this gives me the charge. I feel lucky. In our world the physical abilities must be mixed with the athletic ones, I feel good because I have a bit of both and together they have made a good result. I feel good here, I probably wouldn't have emerged in other sports.

At 45 it's natural to think about what comes after, what it will be, especially of a new dream to come true. Winning the America's Cup with Luna Rossa would mean reaching the top for Nobili, who still can't imagine what he will do "when he grows up".

The Cup asks a lot, maybe more than you can imagine, but it can give you emotions and satisfactions that you can hardly find elsewhere. I always say "this is the last one" but then I go back to it. When I don't do this anymore, I hope to find something that is just as satisfying, even if it requires similar sacrifices. In the end, when you do what you like, it's hard to stop.

Gilberto Nobili tra tecnologia e sport

Listening to Gilberto Nobili leads us to think that he is a champion without filters, completely devoted to the cause and to a world characterised by passion for sport and technology. A feeling that is confirmed in his own words.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, sport and technology have always been my passions and the Cup is the perfect combination of the two. As I said before, when you do something you like it is difficult to stop and many times, unfortunately, I take home the work, which remains mainly a great passion. Let's say that for me there are really no weekends or card times, but outside the so-called "work," I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and, if possible, with friends.

Literally in love with a world that for years he has lived as the absolute protagonist, he tries to explain in a few words how this love was born and how it grows day after day and gives him new reasons.

Sailing is a particular world that brings you to know personalities that you could hardly approach in normal life, as well as really characteristic individuals that I would struggle to describe. But what I love most about this discipline is the combination of sport, love of competition and technology. Few other realities in the world can compare to this.
Without detracting from the other big names in the team set up by Patrizio Bertelli, his presence in the Luna Rossa team is of pivotal importance: the Emilian sailor will have to make sure that the combination of development, maintenance and work of the crew on board succeeds perfectly to achieve the dream of bringing the America's Cup for the first time to Italy. A goal that may be impossible to many, but certainly not to Gilberto Nobili, who seems to have been born for this type of competition and, despite having touched the sky several times with his finger, still feels the same emotions of those days at Punta Ala, when he discovered for the first time what would become his world.

New incentives are always needed, and we can discuss what I have yet to prove, but this time I still have a different role from recent editions and, for what it can count, I would like Italy and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team to win the Cup. It would be the perfect crowning achievement of my career.

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