Forte Village and Palazzo Doglio: a location of relaxation, luxury and training with Technogym

Forte Village is a resort located in southern Sardinia, a true pearl of hospitality, with a long white beach overlooking the Mediterranean. Thanks to the mountain of Santa Margherita di Pula, the resort manages to maintain a climate unparalleled in Europe. Along a white sandy beach, facing the inimitable sapphire blue waters of southern Sardinia, lie 47 hectares of gardens, embroidered in a tapestry of tennis courts, villas, swimming pools and other sumptuous facilities.

From villas with private gardens to bungalow and 4 & 5 star hotels, a stay at the Resort represents an exclusive experience of leisure and relaxation. Forte Village combines privacy, freedom and excellence and, year after year, continues to distinguish itself for a series of absolute records, including the highest range of all-round services, from food to sport, wellness and a world dedicated to families: a true destination within a destination.

The facility’s Performance Center is fully equipped with Technogym’s most innovative training products, particularly the linea Artis, Technogym’s exclusive range of connected cardio and strength training products that combine ease of use and comfort with the highest level of performance.

Completely revamped and updated to the latest technological standards, Artis offers the most incredible cardio and strength training experience. Not merely equipment: Artis is an intuitive and personalised training experience. By accessing the integrated Technogym Live console, you can start your assigned training program or let the Technogym Coach suggests new challenges and workouts. Connectivity is the beating heart of the Artis line: data streams to and from the Technogym Ecosystem constantly. In fact, you can track and save you biometric data during the session and consult the results on Mywellness App, always at your fingertips.

Added to the Artis line is also Technogym SKILLMILL, the perfect solution to enable you to train, feel and perform like an athlete. Skillmill defines a completely new product category: is the only non-motorized product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training.

In addition to the gym, Forte Village offers guests many other high-class sports and nutrition services, from football matches with Chelsea FC trainers to fine dining by Michelin-starred chefs. To complete the resort’s wellness offer, in addition to the many sporting activities, guests can spend hours of pure relaxation at the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, an oasis of excellence in the Italian resort spa scene. This unique thalassotherapy treatment can be enjoyed not only in the summer months, thanks to the futuristic glass domes that allow guests to admire the wonderful tropical garden in which they are immersed.

A few kilometres from the resort lies the ancient city of Nora, of Phoenician origin and later colonised by the Romans, of which the remains of numerous buildings such as the forum, the theatre and the amphitheatre are still preserved, as well as those of the luxurious thermal baths.

The elegance of Palazzo Doglio meets dynamic tourism

Palazzo Doglio is a unique location situated in one of Cagliari’s historic district, in a completely redeveloped 1920s building. Characterized by a unique concept, Palazzo Doglio offers itself as the perfect destination for a more dynamic tourism that aims to enhance the tourist value of the Sardinian capital, one of Italy’s hidden treasures. A place that perfectly integrates with the city and ideal for different target groups; guests will be able to live a complete experience made of relaxation, discovery of unique places, luxury and training.
Just like Forte Village, Palazzo Doglio has chosen the innovation of Technogym equipment for the training of its guests, including Technogym Bike, the professional bike designed to offer the best training and entertainment experience. Whatever your fitness level and goals, with Technogym Bike you’ll be able to choose your favourite workout from a wide variety of content: group cycling classes, one-on-one trainer-led sessions, virtual training in fantastic outdoor settings and even free body workout programmes, thanks to the integrated 22” tilting display.
Palazzo Doglio’s exclusive fitness centre also features Skill Line, the line of equipment designed with athletes, ideal for those who aim to improve athletic performance during training sessions. Skill Line consists of SKILLRUN, SKILLMILL, SKILLBIKE e SKILLROW, and features multi-drive technology that allows you to adjust settings to train power, agility endurance and speed using a single product.

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