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Ceresio 7: the exclusive design of the gym in the heart of Milan

At Ceresio 7, the exclusive gym&spa in the heart of one of the most lively and innovative areas of Milan, aesthetics is functionality. Entering the modernist designed lobby, shared with the restaurant with swimming pool on the upper floors, you already have the perception that even the visual experience will be very different from that of traditional gyms.
From the entrance there is a large room with cardio machines, backrests and trx cables, all turned on the contrast between the gold colour and the exposed concrete of the walls, to mark the urban identity and the industrial taste of the space. From the main area, there are two other rooms - one dedicated to Pilates and equipped with specific machinery and one for the different courses offered - in a calibration of the space that allows to maintain airiness and openness even in a space that, given its location in the city, can’t have the boundless sizes of the gyms of the peripheral areas.

The attention to design is functional to the creation of a comfortable environment capable of stimulating commitment and concentration.

Ceresio 7 is a club able to reconcile the exclusivity of the service and the offer with an environment where you can feel at ease and concentrate on the different challenges that everyone engages with himself in sport. Personal trainers - presented with effectiveness in their characteristics and specializations on the gym site - are a concrete presence and a constant help, the figures to refer to not only to perform a movement correctly but above all to plan the work and modify it according to results and shape.

Technogym products at Ceresio 7

The proposed workouts start from the mixture of all existing methodologies, for a harmonious and correct development of the whole body. Among the Technogym products in the Ceresio 7 gym is the Artis Line, a unique range dedicated to cardio and strength training, with a total of 25 pieces of equipment that offer the possibility of training all muscle groups, combining ease of use and comfort with the highest level of performance and user involvement.
Alongside the Artis Line, SKILLMILL is the innovative training solution for professional athletes and enthusiasts who devote themselves to fitness and athletic performance improvement every day. The potential of SKILLMILL offers users a complete workout that involves all the energy systems of the body in a single solution, allowing trainers to practice sprints and develop power, improving metabolic condition.
The users of the centre can also experience the excitement of a group ride by participating in the Group Cycle classes, an indoor solution for a complete cardio workout that without any difficulty allows you to manage the workout, alone at home or in a group in the classes, in a totally personalized way and always according to your performance needs. Competent, motivating and energy-transmitting instructors combined with engaging music make indoor cycling lessons both fun and effective.

Sport is personalization

Let's be clear, openly Ceresio 7 is not for everyone. The limited number system is designed to maintain a comfortable and high quality environment, but in the event that your request is accepted the program offered is not so far from that followed by a professional athlete. At the time of registration a visit is made to investigate the physical, metabolic and postural characteristics of the client, to set up a program tailored to the needs and specific objectives and accompanied by a nutritional plan and postural correction (yes, we all need it usually). The personal file is constantly updated according to the goals achieved and the physical conditions in continuous evolution.
At Ceresio 7, wellness does not stop with sports, but includes services dedicated to beauty, professional chiropractors and the latest generation of machines for thalassotherapy, balneotherapy and cryotherapy. In the cryotherapy sauna, which works with liquid nitrogen between -120° and -170° for up to 180 seconds, you can accelerate muscle recovery, improve performance and counteract the effects of aging on skin and hair. It is one of the most advanced treatments for physical recovery and regeneration and is offered in the club's spa area, which also includes a beauty lounge and a relaxation area with heated indoor pool.
No detail is left to chance and, although no photos can be taken inside the spa to avoid disturbing relaxation, the environment is perfect for Instagram's most glamorous feeds, from Nordic-style saunas - all wood and purity - to the pool that retains the grey and gold of the gym. Small refreshment areas, with fresh and dried fruit and natural drinks, complete the fresco of a place where, in a city where time is the most precious thing, you can allow yourself the extreme luxury of staying in an active and lively rest.

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