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How to find the correct percentage of fat mass in men

What is the correct body fat percentage  for men? For men, the ideal fat mass should be between 12% and 20%. Excess fat mass leads to weight gain, which is associated with real health risks.  Abernathy and Black in their study Healthy body weights: an alternative perspective, found that the percentage of fat mass within a certain range reduces the risk of disease. The body mass index (BMI) is a formula commonly used to determine the obesity of a person. However, the BMI indicates the ratio between weight and height without considering the differences in body composition and therefore the contribution of fat mass on the whole body weight.
Running helps burn fat mass
For this reason, and because of the possible different contributions of bone mass, muscle and fluid on the body weight, the BMI can incorrectly classify the obesity of a subject. Clarified this point, there are several methods to properly evaluate the body composition including x-rays, conductance, and electrical impedance, hydrostatic weighing and many others. Among these methods that can be expensive or invasive, one of the most common techniques is plicometry. This methodology is widely used in the world of fitness, precisely because it is not invasive and does not require the use of expensive equipment or difficult to find.
Lose inches

Physical exercise and proper nutrition to determine body fat mass

Exercise and proper nutrition are essential for controlling and reducing the percentage of fat mass. This is all the more true for men who tend to accumulate fat in certain body areas, such as the abdominal and lumbar areas. To achieve the correct percentage of fat mass, you need to change your habits, follow a personalised diet and exercise program, which can lead to a change in weight not only in terms of quantity but also quality.

Physical activity improves fitness and mood
A quick walk 3 times a week can improve the psychophysical condition: recent studies have shown that moderate and regular physical activity helps to prevent the body fat percentage for men. On the other hand, fats should not be eliminated from the diet to lose weight: they carry vitamins, constitute cell walls and are essential in the production of hormones. If you want to lose weight, you must increase your overall calorie expenditure or reduce your calorie intake (if excessive), keeping the nutrients in the right proportions.

The percentage of fat mass in men

This simple process is not easy to put into practice, because the real challenge is to lose weight without losing lean mass. Diet and exercise must be programmed in such a way as to maintain lean mass or, in any case, mitigate its decrease while losing weight. This is because lean mass has a key role in determining metabolism at rest and therefore it follows that a decrease in this tissue, could slow down weight loss. Also, several studies have shown that exercise and calorie restriction are more effective together to lose weight and to achieve a change in body composition than following only one diet.

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