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Augustus Hotel & Resort and Technogym: history and wellness in Forte dei Marmi

The Augustus Hotel & Resort has always been oriented towards Wellness and the fitness centre is entirely powered by Technogym.
In Tuscany, synonymous with the most scenic and beautiful parts of Italy, Forte dei Marmi represents a pearl of undisputed preciousness. It is not difficult to guess the reason for this unanimous recognition: The Mountains display a magnificent setting of the Apuan Alps, and then you have the strongest attraction of all for those who seek a holiday made of relaxation – the sea. Tourists enjoy wellness and extraordinary nature that goes hand in hand with a refined and exclusive lifestyle.
It is since the 1920s that the synthesis of all these aspirations has been found in Forte dei Marmi, thanks to the foundation in 1926 of the now iconic Villa Agnelli, which in the narratives built around the holiday periods of the great family of Turin and the consequent attraction exerted on the names of the aristocracy and the upper middle class Italian has given rise to an authentic model of vacation, which has gone down in history as "Living in the villa". The combination of exclusivity and relaxation, privacy and comfort, lush nature and worldliness has undoubtedly been the fortune of this luxurious model of holiday, which still enjoys a unique charm.

The Augustus Hotel & Resort and the legacy of Villa Agnelli

If history and enchanting places have lit the fuse, the rest of the merit can be attributed to those who have been able to grasp the precious legacy represented by the universe formed around Villa Agnelli. A legacy of architectural experiments: the Augustus Hotel & Resort, whose history begins with the conversion into a hotel: Villa Pesenti.
From that moment on, seven eclectically styled villas have hosted the most important names on the film, art and cultural scene from all over the world, such as Jimi Hendrix, Charlton Heston, Oriana Fallaci, Eugenio Montale, Mario Monicelli, Vittorio Gassman... all magnetically attracted by the sense of peace, exclusivity and confidentiality that had become a distinctive feature of the Augustus Hotel & Resort.

But it is on the modern and unique structure built in the seventies to complete the hotel's hospitality offer that particular attention is paid here: the Ship, which owes its name to its long terraced walkways that recall cruise ships. Inside the ship, in fact, the Augustus Hotel & Resort has created, in collaboration with Technogym, the space that best interprets the most contemporary concept of living well: the Fitness Centre, where the renewed attention of the structure to the dimension of Wellness originates in the gym, and then develop far beyond its walls.

Customisation and sustainability: two essential aspects

Attentive to the needs of an exclusive clientele, Augustus Hotel & Resort sees the personalisation of each guest's experience as an essential model of action and value. As in any other dimension of the offer of stay, this aspect is also reproduced in the Wellness services. Many of the treatments offered in the SPA, in fact, can be fully customised in terms of time and methods of execution, depending on the age of the customer or even according to the preference to submit to it individually or as part of a group. On the other hand, no one knows that there are no "universal recipes" better than those who deal with wellness.
In the same way, the Fitness Centre is designed to satisfy the desires and needs of those who, even on holiday, do not want to give up training: a personal trainer always present in the gym ensures constant guidance in a real tailor-made training. Technogym products have been chosen to offer guests an innovative and connected training experience.

Technogym products at the Augustus Hotel

Recently renovated, the Technogym fitness centre includes ARTIS, the innovative range of cardio and strength training products that offers the highest quality in terms of design, technology and connectivity, allowing users to track their data and access interactive training experiences through the integrated Unity screen. With ARTIS technology to reduce energy consumption and recycle and renew energy, Augustus Hotel & Resort offers the world's only truly environmentally sustainable machines in its Fitness Centre. By training in front of the lush garden, you are aware that you are doing more than just good to yourself.
The ARTIS line is flanked by the SKILL LINE composed of SKILLRUN, SKILLMILL, SKILLBIKE and SKILLROW. The collection features multi-drive technology that allows members to adjust endurance to train power, agility, endurance and speed using a single product. SKILL LINE is ideal for those who aim to improve performance and athletic performance during training sessions. The variety of exercises and training modes offered by SKILL LINE make it an ideal range of products to improve your performance even on holiday, useful for athletes and coaches, or fitness enthusiasts who do not want to give up targeted training and personalized sessions.
An oasis of peace and privacy, Augustus Hotel & Resort has never chosen to isolate itself from the outside world, remaining on the contrary sensitive to the stimuli and demands of the surrounding world. For this reason, the theme of eco-sustainability, as already demonstrated in an exemplary way by the 100% plastic-free choice of its Beach Club, is particularly felt and actively addressed, in the fitness and wellness offer as in all other dimensions of the stay.
As the hotel's concept of well-being requires, the Augustus Hotel & Resort and Technogym range of sports activities extends well beyond the walls and the magnificent glass windows of the gym, through individual yoga lessons or lessons for small groups by the sea, together with various other outdoor activities that allow you to fully experience the hotel's extraordinary location, going through all the steps of the perfect holiday manual: relaxation, fun and self-care.

Technogym Case, a seamless and tailor-made in-room solution

Augustus Hotel & Resort has recently launched new in-room training options, in addition to the latest Technogym solutions showcased in the hotel gym. Since the first introduction of in-room training, Augustus has now chosen Technogym Case with a smart range of tools, functionally packed in a high-end design bag and completed by a library of online training video contents to offer a seamless guest experience. 

The tools inside the Technogym Case were designed to help guests recover and feel good after a long travel.

Thanks to the QR code you can access a training guided by a brand new dedicated virtual training service directly on the phone, or transmit it - through a screen mirroring system - to the TV in the room for an even more immersive experience. 

Guests can enjoy a 360° wellness experience thanks to Technogym and the intuition of Giacomo Maschietto, CEO and Owner of Augustus Hotel & Resort.  "When I became CEO, I decided to offer a new concept of wellness experience," he says. "Technogym equipment, with its design, is perfectly suited to my idea of wellness.

Even during these special months, Wellness has remained a priority for Augustus' property. Technogym Case offers guests the possibility to train in the room in total privacy or you can take advantage of the practicality of the bag and train outdoors in the green area of the hotel to enjoy beautiful days and make the most of Forte dei Marmi.

  • Technogym Case perfectly integrates  with the personal training service offered by the hotel. "The service is very high performance and customizes the wellness experience to each guest. Now, thanks to Technogym Case the personalization is even greater as it completes the trainer's training programme", explains Maschietto. 

The hotel's personal trainers can organize the best wellness experience for guests according to their needs, both inside the hotel and during transfers with tailor made workouts according to their goals thanks to Artis, a unique range dedicated to cardio and strength training for all muscle groups, combining ease of use and comfort with the highest level of performance. Skill Line can improve athletic performance during training sessions.

Technogym Case's in-room wellness service completes Augustus' fitness offer and gives continuity to the guests' training experience thanks to the many solutions available at the facility. You can choose to train in the Wellness area, completely renovated, or in your room, for a workout in the privacy and relaxation of your own spaces.

The wellness experience of Augustus Hotel & Resort

In perfect coherence with its history of constant evolution in accordance with contemporary developments, Augustus Hotel & Resort has chosen to make its own the concept of well-being that for years has established itself as dominant among experts and professionals and, consequently, among all those who see health and wellness as a primary goal of life: the holistic, which means Wellness in the broadest possible sense. It is not by chance that the idea of "Total Wellness" inspired the fitness and wellness offer already characteristic of Augustus Hotel & Resort, which aims to meet the needs and aspirations of all those people who think of relaxation on holiday as something that goes beyond the simple life at sea.
Moving from the SPA to the fitness centre, to get to the restaurant, it is impossible not to immediately grasp the idea of widespread wellness that is best achieved in the proposals of the hotel: the restaurant, for example, provides a Wellness menu that has three proposals designed on different objectives of wellness: Energy, Detox, Light, always with the aim of providing a Wellness Experience that translates into a true, complete, integrated and above all healthy lifestyle.

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