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The Flexability Range

Stretching is accessible, intuitive and measurable for every person with Flexability. It’s a totally innovative range of equipment that also benefits trainers and medical staff who want to assess and monitor users’ results

Innovative, intuitive and measurable

Flexability is an innovative range of stretching equipment suitable for all types of users in a wide range of environments.
 With little effort, trainers can carry out initial flexibility assessments and monitor their users’ results over time. Additionally, users can independently recreate a stretching session at any time, thanks to the unique visual feedback system.

Unique to this range

The Flexability range - Natural, self-regulated stretching

Natural, self-regulated stretching

The Flexability line owes its unique performance and results to an innovative technological system, the SELFLEX (Patented). This system, which has been exclusively developed by Technogym enables to gently modulate the extent of muscle elongation by the gradual and proportional intervention of their own weight, thereby avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

The Flexability range - Superior results in less time

Superior results in less time

Flexability works on the main muscle groups of the lower body, trunk and lower back in a simple and effortless way. Compared to traditional stretching, which works on entire muscle chains, Flexability maximises effectiveness by acting chiefly the shorter “ring” of the relevant muscle chain.

The Flexability range - Bodyprint


The machine uses special ‘Memory’ padding for back supports, seats and anterior rolling carts. This innovative material guarantees maximum exercise comfort, as the special filling moulds to the person’s body shape.

The Flexability range - Visual feedback

Visual feedback

Flexability is the only range of equipment where the user can measure the progress of joint flexibility through the integrated feedback system that shows progress and results. This feedback helps users to stay motivated.

Featured Flexability Products

Flexability Anterior

Flexability Anterior helps to prevent back pain by stretching the anterior muscles of the trunk and lower limbs. It is suitable for all types of users in a range of environments including hotels, residential, medical and corporate wellness areas.

Flexability Anterior
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Flexability Posterior

Flexability Posterior is ideal for the prevention of back pain by a soft and progressive lengthening of all posterior chain muscles. It is suitable for all types of users in a range of environments including hotels, residential, medical and corporate wellness areas.

Flexability Posterior
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