Kinesis Class

Three dimensions, seven fundamental movement patterns, infinite combinations. Enable free and natural movement with an effective training workout that feels unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Activate all the body's kinetic chains in three dimensions to enhance mobility, strengthen your core, and improve sports performance.

With both the trainer's and on-screen guidance, the class is always easy to follow, challenging, and interesting at the same time.


functional training



45 minutes



functional movement lovers

What makes it unique

Motivating and inspiring workouts thanks to the endless variety of movement patterns.

Multiarticular exercises enhance mobility, strengthen the core, improve sports performance.

With more than 200 exercises in a single piece of equipment, no two classes will ever be the same.

No prior setting required. Just grab the handles and start exercising right away.

Kinesis classes for clubs

The Journey

kinesis class setup
Step 1


The trainer sets up the sequence of exercises to be performed during the class.

kinesis class log in
Step 2

Class booking

Participants can book the Kinesis class through the mywellness application.

kinesis class booking
Step 3

Log in

On arrival, participants log in to the Teambeats app on the kiosk.

kinesis class training and guidance
Step 4

Workout guidance

The trainer guides participants through the exercises with the help of videos displayed on the screen.

Kinesis One

Learn to work against resistance in any direction. With more than 200 exercises and movement patterns, Kinesis offers an infinite and stimulating variety of routines.

kinesis class simple and immediate use

Simple and immediate use

Participants can begin exercising immediately as no prior setting is required.

kinesis class fullgravity™️ technology

Fullgravity™️ Technology

Kinesis enables three- dimensional movement in space, assisting natural movements.

kinesis class movement control

Movement control

Thanks to the double weight stack, each cable controls a single, independent resistance level.

What's included

kinesis class unity self
Unity Self

With this smart kiosk, trainers can easily manage classes and participants can control their personal training program.

kinesis class variety of exercises

With its matchless variety of exercises and countless training possibilities, it's the state-of-the-art in functional training.

kinesis class teambeats app
Teambeats app

Trainers can set up the exercise sequence and time on the app, and display both on the screen alongside with participants' metrics.

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kinesis class engage your members

Engage your members

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