An Introduction to get stronger

There is no excuse for not getting stronger. Often, people worry that doing strength training might turn them into body builders, but strength training is crucial for overall health and preventing chronic diseases.

What strength training is

Strength training is also called ‘resistance’ training and requires controlled movements for each major muscle group. Does training with weights mean becoming as large as body builders? Not necessarily, hypertrophied muscles are the result of special workouts that are extremely intense and hard. And one of the benefits of doing regular training is that you can still burn fat, even while you’re resting.

Significant benefits of strength training

If you want to improve your strength and have a toned, healthy and efficient body, training your muscles can only bring significant benefits. Initially, you’ll notice a very rapid increase in strength; this improvement is not attributable to an increase in muscle mass, but to the ability of your muscle to use its ‘fibres’ with greater synchronisation.

Strength training improves your appearance

Strength training makes muscles efficient and helps improve your appearance, giving you a feeling of liveliness that will give you a boost to your confidence. Plus, increasing muscle mass, even slightly - contributes to the control of body fat.

Advantage for your bones

A less visible but crucial advantage of strength training occurs in bone tissues. Over the years, a series of changes, including hormonal, take place, slowing the build-up of minerals in the bones. Strength exercises use structures that positively stimulate bone tissue, significantly improving the biomechanical properties of the bones.

Overdoing it can be counterproductive

You need to pay attention to performing movements correctly, without using excessive loads, as overdoing it can be counterproductive and you risk injury. If you have doubts about how to perform a movement correctly, consult a Technogym expert. Or if you have specific problems or concerns regarding doing certain strength exercises, you should always consult a sports physician.


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