Glute Builder Training

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Build it up

There are so many reasons to train your glutes – aesthetics, strength, power, stability. This is why we have put together the most effective concept in the market: the Glute Builder Training. Five dedicated pieces (3 of which are brand new) biomechanically crafted to target glute development. Built with the experience of top-level athletes and coaches, Glute Builder Training strengthens the lower body while also creating amazing shape.
Easy and super effective, build it up.


Laser-focused glute training

Pure Hip Thrust redefines an all-time favorite exercise. The large, multi-angle foot platform offers three different footholds for diversified muscle activation. The ergonomic pelvic pad opens with a simple turn for  easy access and reduces undesired pressure on the pelvic area.

Maximize glute activation

Progress your glute training using plate-loaded equipment. Pure Standing Abductor’s tailor-made physio cam and the elastic band anchors allow optimal glute activation through the whole range of movement. The large pads and handles ensures superior comfort for anyone with no additional adjustment needed.


The complete tool for lower body development

Reap all the benefits of squatting without hazards or hardship with Pure Hack Squat. The automatic safety stop and extra-large foot platform allow to safely perform multiple variations of squats and lunges. Use the loading and de-loading elastic band anchors to tune the resistance profile to your needs.

The whole posterior chain matters

When it comes to glute workouts, training hamstrings is non-negotiable. The pad placement on the Standing Leg Curl slightly extends the hips, protecting the spine and enhancing muscle activation. Advanced users can use the lever handle for assisted eccentric training.


Unleash your lower body potential

A unique, multi-joint movement. Pure Rear Kick’s biomechanics and spacious platform are designed to allow a diversified muscle activation of the glute and lower body. The Body-print system of the pelvic and ground leg pad ensures your body is comfortable and stabilized as you work out.


Built to the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety, the PURE line now includes five new plate-loaded machines. On top of the three new machines shown above, below the other two additions, Seated Calf and Pullover.
PURE, the ideal choice for maximizing performance.


Training the calves has never been easy. Until now

Isolate work on the soleus muscle (versus the gastrocnemius) with Pure Seated Calf. Its biomechanics improve the stability of the mechanical foot lever for a stronger, safer and more effective push. Together with Pure Calf, this product helps to fully develop one of the hardest muscles to train.


The ultimate upper body machine

Pure Pullover makes this notoriously complete upper body exercise safer, more effective and easier. The tailored physio cam equally distributes load along the whole range of movement, while the Easy Start and multiple handles ensure users with different degrees of shoulder mobility can perform the exercise.

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