The new trends in Wellness Design

About Technogym Talks

Technogym has always collaborated with the greatest international architects and designers for the wellness spaces design, in the most beautiful homes, hotels, yachts and the best wellness centers and gyms in the world. This time, Technogym organized 3 talks uncovering wellness trends in the world of design and architecture in its flagship store in Madrid. One of these was led by Archistar Jaime Romano.


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Jaime Romano

Some say he is intense and paradoxical, because of the way he blends his restlessness and perfectionism with flexibility and the absence of architectural prejudice, his greatest strength. While a demanding leader, he remains affectionate. He’s astute, at times a little unpredictable and tireless; as well possessing a sharpness of memory that at times can be irritating. He´s capable of returning a thousand times to the same construction issue in order to reach the ideal solution.

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