Technogym Live

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Personalized training experience


Train with a Pro with one-on-one Sessions


Each training series includes six Sessions on a specific topic. Choose your session based on your personal goals, and the virtual trainer will guide you through a one-on-one Session, offering encouragement and suggesting the level of intensity, which you are free to follow or change.

Challenge yourself with Routines


Each Routine contains a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by the equipment. You will receive step-by-step guidance either by video, if you are on the Routine-dedicated screen, or by pop-up messages, if you are enjoying entertainment content.


Train anywhere with Outdoor Landscapes


Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while you’re working out. Be amazed by where your travels around the world can take you.

Unlimited entertainment


Watch your favorite Netflix series or TV program on the HD display. Get your groove on with your go-to Spotify or YouTube playlist and browse the most popular websites.


Meet your Technogym Coach


Built into every piece of equipment, the Technogym Coach provides motivation and guidance to help you train better and make the most of your workout. And with a variety of new content on our consoles, accomplishing your goals has never been such fun.

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