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Smart programs for everyone

Discover the unique features of the new Biocircuit and Biocircuit Free.

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A time-based circuit that guides users automatically through the stations with no wait time after an initial set up carried out with the assistance of a trainer.

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Biocircuit Free

A modular circuit with no time constraints that lets users choose whether to be guided completely or tailor their exercises in detail.


Imagine a circuit where you only login once, with equipment that adapts to you. A completely guided experience, from station to station, where you never stop, never wait.

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Custom programs library

In addition to the 5 training programs for specific needs, Prescribe allows operators to create easily and quickly truly personalized programs for their users.


User interface

In the new console trainers can also adjust every detail of the program’s global training parameters to deliver a tailored experience for every single user.

Biocircuit Free

If time is not your concern, Biocircuit Free gives you even more flexibility. With no need for supervision, this strength training circuit offers personalized programs evolving by the embedded A.I. and guided by the virtual assistant Technogym Coach to reach your goals more efficiently. Expert users and professionals get the freedom to use any Biocircuit strength equipment as a standalone piece and fine-tune its parameters individually for a tailored workout.


A.I. based virtual assistant

The embedded AI of the virtual assistant, Technogym Coach, picks up the training where you left off: you’re ready to start. Technogym Coach will also automatically propose progressions related to your goal, such as modifying the number of reps, workload or speed.


Build your own and advanced workouts

Alongside the pre-set programs, available also on Biocircuit, the Free version allows you to fully leverage the Biodrive technology by exploring Advanced Exercises such as Pyramid, Stripping and Tone Express already prepared for you or create your own ones by combining isotonic, elastic, viscous and eccentric resistances.

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