At the Forefront of European Football

To be a successful football club in 2015 is far removed from the 1960’s approach of huddling in the changing room with the flipchart and a slice of orange; having a group of players with core stamina that can run up and down for 90 minutes…or even a coach that can motivate a team; identify a players’ best position or shout from the side line (well they still do that).  The world of football has shifted dramatically since clubs have, in layman’s terms, introduced the science element.

A top-performing player is now an elite athlete who needs to remain at peak condition throughout the tournament and the coach is the sports scientist using state-of-the-art technology to improve his team’s performance on a daily basis.

How?  Just like everything in today’s world ‘Technology is the Key’.

The introduction of cutting edge equipment such as, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking devices and performance level analysis enables each player to have an individual programme that is optimised to their unique physical conditioning, as well as to improve and maintain their fitness, and even rehabilitate them following an injury.

The introduction of cloud-based apps and devices enables each player to be monitored remotely so the player’s training schedule can continue no matter where they are in the world, and the analysis of each of them can be conducted by the training and coaching staff as any moment from any place.

Many European Football clubs have realised that such an approach can assist them in providing a centre of excellence for sports science, where their teams of physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists and physiologists can use technology as the next step to their team delivering ongoing results for their fans.

Three of the most popular Italian Football clubs – with dedicated fans spread across the world – have adopted this scientific approach for some time now by teaming up with Technogym as their exclusive supplier of training technologies…and it shows.

Let’s look at Juventus.  Partnering with Technogym they have successfully navigated their way through the 2015 European Champions League and have qualified for the semi-finals for the first time in over a decade.  This is quite an achievement!

On paper, maybe the odds are stacked against Juventus reaching their first final since 2003.  Up against the three of the ‘powerhouses’ of European Football – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, the Bianconeri have been preparing for the first leg at the Vinovo sports centre, which has been fitted with Technogym equipment for a number of years now.  And it looks like they are on schedule to have a fully ‘fit’ team according to CEO Giuseppe Marotta with French midfielder Paul Pogba, who was suffering with a hamstring injury, now expected to play.

The question is what does Juventus do to enable them to continually extract the highest level of performance from its playing team to continue this success?

For one, they are concentrating on each individual player’s performance, monitoring their training using Technogym equipment on a daily basis, and entrusting The Wellness Company with the preparation and rehabilitation of its players through cutting-edge technical and scientific support.  Technogym helps the Juventus squad to improve its athletic performance with the main focus being on building muscle, cardiovascular training, and rehabilitation.

Injury is dealt with quickly within their centre of excellence ensuring these elite athletes can compete in multiple games…Pogba’s hamstring injury being a fantastic example – now back to fitness, one of the world’s most elite midfield talents of his generation will be playing in the mouth-watering Real Madrid semi-final.

Each player understands their fitness level through continual monitoring and analysis, training in their dedicated Technogym gym and on-the-go using Technogym cloud-based apps.  They also know not to risk that sneaky ribeye steak or glass of pinot grigio during the season as the effect on their body is evident at a glance for their manager or coach to see.

Juventus are hoping to move forward from 2003 and once again make the final in the European Champions League.  As for Technogym, they just want to continue to work behind the scenes to support Juventus to bring home the trophy.