A complete gym with Unica

A few square metres is all you need to install Unica in your home. For a little inspiration, here are four examples of how Unica has been installed by some of our users in their homes.

After in-depth discussions with our wellness design experts to create wellness areas for the home (in 20 or 30 m²) and how to install Kinesis® Personal, and after performing some virtual visits of some of the world's most luxurious hotel gyms, today we're going to inspire you by showing you four ways you can install Unica in your home.

Unica is one of our most popular pieces of equipment, both because of its stylish, unique design and its multi-functionality, making it perfect for those who don't have a huge amount of room in their home for gym equipment. Here are four great potential set-ups:

- Example of a 5 m² home gym: Unica has been paired with the Wellness Rack to complement upper body training and a multifunctional Wellness Ball™ which is great for working the abdominals and stretching.

- Example of a 10 m² home gym: here the client wanted to create a larger gym for a more complete training suite, combining the Unica and Wellness Tools™ strength and stretching systems with Cross Forma for cardio training.

- Luxury in just 10 m²: here Unica has been coupled with Run Personal VISIOWEB, which lets you run, walk and stay up-to-date with the world thanks to the VISIOWEB platform offering TV, radio and web functionality. The client has combined Unica with VISIOWEB and Wellness Ball™, replacing the Wellness rack with a weight rack that has a wider weight range.

- In our final example, Unica is placed in the corner of a club and paired with two benches for abdominal training and a selection of equipment from our Forma range for a complete cardio workout area.