Skillrow: The Rowing Machine for Home


Our rowing machine is perfect for your home. We offer you full-body workouts and the sensation of rowing in the water. Train comfortably and improve your rowing at the same time. You can switch between cardio and strength modes to control your workout intensity. Your training will activate a power and recovery phase. When you aren’t using your Skillrow, you can collapse it and easily store it. Get one for your home or to enhance your gym facility. We created the perfect commercial rowing machine that gives you the newest tools to teach rowing classes. You’ll find a racing class, performance class, and many more in our library of guided training. Our rowing machine was built with magnetic resistance adding to the variety of exercises you can use to train athletes. You can schedule your classes, and participants can register for them on the app. We wanted a real-life rowing experience from top to bottom and that includes your rowing crew. Your athletes will be in sync while their scores adjust accordingly. More synchronization = more speed. Our gym rowing machine was built with your coaching needs in mind.

Skillrow App: Choose from endless training programs

We stand out because of our Skillrow app. This is one of the most key features and was designed to bring many tools to you. Not only will you be active, but you will be interactive too. With the use of innovative technology, you can connect with other users. Engage in challenges online and bring a whole new meaning to the interactive rowing machine. Conveniently place your phone in the holder and connect to your console. You will find a variety of workouts created and tailored to the rowing machine. Access different training tools to train what you want, and help you reach your goal. The app is dedicated to monitoring your progress and driving your training. You decide your goal and we help you reach that target. Your experience will be guided as you train with the experts. Participate in program workouts developed by elite coaches and receive feedback on your performance. Set goals, get feedback, and get detailed results all in one app.

Cardio and power workouts thanks to the Skillrow rowing machine

Double the benefits of your workout with our Multidrive Technology. We focused on bringing you one machine with both cardio endurance and strength training. Discover the full potential of the Skillrow compact rowing machine with four different approaches: speed, stamina, skill, and power. Your full body workout begins at the handles. Create the workout you need. You can easily switch between cardio and power by adjusting the resistance level. Strength training begins with power mode; we use magnets when it comes to resistance. Their weight changes the level of strength training you want. Over 10 settings and 3 power mode levels enable your choice of resistance. Set the rowing machine for your lifestyle and experience level. Our machine encourages functional rowing movement that incorporates power, a recovery phase, and aids in a cardio workout. Switch between the cardio and power mode to fit your goal.

Aquafeel ™ : Why our rowing machine is different from all the others

Making waves in the rowing machine market, Aquafeel™ technology replicates real life rowing. We used air resistance for the rowing mode and focused on promoting a natural curvature throughout each stroke. The handle is your oar, and each stroke should feel like it. Aquafeel™ strives for gradual resistance to promote a fluid movement. This maintains proper core form and lowers the strain on your back and ribs. We wanted to design a rowing machine that would be dedicated specifically to rowing in the water and that’s just what we did. Aquafeel™ mirrors the feel of water encourages the perfect stroke and provides resistance throughout the entire process.

Payment methods: monthly installments available

There are three payment methods available: credit card, bank transfer, and monthly installments. Technogym customer care service is ready to answer all your questions, illustrating all the necessary steps to pay in installments.


Technogym makes its rowing machines with care and attention and offers a two-year warranty, extendable to five if necessary. A team of experts is always ready to help you and to fix every problem both remotely and at home.

Transport and installation

Technogym will take care of the rower's installation, assembly, and testing process with the utmost care. The complete service includes the on-site installation of the equipment, the testing of its functionality and the final cleaning of the installation area, for an attentive and timely service to the customer.
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Developed with athletes, Skillrow™ improves both your cardio and power with diverse total body workouts available on the app, and with the most realistic rowing feel.
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