Fitness Trends 2022: How the New Normal is Shaping Fitness

Technogym ecosystem offers a wide range of training experiences to answer every trends and needs

Every year since 2007, ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine – publishes the results of the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends”, a comprehensive review that involves thousands of fitness and wellness professionals from across the globe including experts such as personal trainers, exercise physiologists, medical professionals, and gym club owners. The final report aims to monitor, assess, predict and introduce new fitness trends that have an impact on the evolution of the sector itself.
During 2021, we have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in the awareness of how much physical exercise impacts one’s well-being with the reaffirmation that it’s one of the most powerful forces for good health, and now as we enter the year 2022, the fitness world continues to feel its effects. The most important trends have emerged from this study in the fitness and wellness sector at a global level for the coming year. The results of this annual survey will help the health and fitness industry make critical business decisions for future growth and development.
Technogym is able to offer operators new business models, and to end-users unique and personalized experiences in line with their lifestyle.
App are taking over the fitness industry

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1.Wearable Technologies

Wearable technologies, which have been on the podium every year since 2016, are also premiere standout trends for 2022. With the Mywellness platform users can have a fully connected workout experience, tracking their progress on each device for every workout on Technogym equipment or even outdoors.

Wearables and interconnected technology are on the rise

2. Home exercise gym

People will access fitness in a completely new and hybrid way: people will work out at home and in the gym, in the same way as they go to a restaurant and at the same time use a home delivery service. When it comes to home fitness equipment, Technogym offers a full range of products and bespoke solutions based on the space available, training needs and home interior style and the operators have the opportunity to continue train its own users thanks to the Mywellness app, to stream their programs and classes to members even at home.

3.Outdoor activities

One of the most current growing trends, can be combined with indoor training. Technogym offers a specific solution also for outdoor fitness activities, Technogym Outdoor a concept designed and created by Technogym for public spaces: a training experience for outdoor physical exercise, total safety to users of all ages and fitness levels. The outdoor activity can also simultaneously monitor and track with wearables and apps such as Technogym's Mywellness 6.0 and the new Technogym App.

4. Strength training with free weights

Surveys conducted before 2021 included a category described as “strength training.” That description was determined to be too broad; therefore, strength training was dropped in 2020 in favor of the more specific “strength training with free weights". Technogym Bench is designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint by enabling the user to perform the largest range of exercises for resistance, strength, and core training in a limited space with all the tools the user needs to workout.

5.Exercise for weight loss

Keeping a healthy diet and stay active are crucial for weight loss and maintenance and for boosting metabolism. With Technogym all the users can access to personalized workout, services and results anytime and anywhere - at home, at the gym, when traveling, at work or outdoors. The Technogym Live console offers a wide range of training options in order to provide personalized solutions for every need with exclusive training and entertainment contents.

6. Personal Training

Over the years, the figure of the personal trainer has evolved and become more accessible thanks to the internet in fitness clubs, as well as at home or in workplaces with gyms. People have finally realized that the role of the trainer is essential in assessing one’s condition, prescribing the correct training program, and offering achievable goals based on concrete needs. Technogym Education helps personal trainers and fitness instructors deliver the best possible experience for customers with Technogym equipment.

7. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It involves interval training sessions consisting of high intensity exercises followed by medium to low intensity breaks, is also a novelty. Technogym’s answer to this trend includes different training experiences – such as Skillrun Bootcamp, Skillathletic Training or SkillX – designed around Skill Line, the equipment range designed for those willing to improve their athletic performance.

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most efficient forms of training

8. Body weight training

The global Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions have also encouraged the development of bodyweight training, virtual training and free weights (among others), all of which can be done at home with the right guidance. Body weight training uses the weight of the body as resistance, performing simple to complex movements. Technogym’s Mywellness 6.0 and Technogym app offers both fitness clubs and users the possibility to train with exclusive contents, a wide library of on-demand video training experiences developed by Technogym and a coach, based on artificial intelligence.

9. Online live and on-demand exercise classes

This upward trend success with online and virtual training is certainly due to the alternating long lockdown periods and fitness center closures, but it has also opened up new perspectives for the foreseeable future when the pandemic emergency has finally passed. With the Technogym Live platform, available on all Technogym cardio equipment, one can choose their Training Experience from an extensive on-demand library of video contents.

Download the guide to Fitness Trends 2022

10. Health/Wellness Coaching

Today, health and wellness have become, more than ever, an absolute priority for people that are showing more and more appetite for physical exercise and enjoy fitness and sports using beautifully designed, high-performance, easy-to-use products to achieve their training goals. Technogym through its digital services is able to provide a wide variety of wellness coaching services.

Traditional fitness centres are in decline

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