Get a total body workout with a home rowing machine

Let's discover how SKILLROW, born from the collaboration between Technogym and Olympic rowing champions, allows you to row at home as if you were rowing in the water.

We will understand exactly what gives SKILLROW rowing machine users the feeling of rowing on water. In addition you may be surprised to find that with its unique SKILLROW design, it can be adapted to a home environment and small spaces thanks to its folding function.

If i sit on a skillrow and start rowing, closing my eyes, i have the perception of a rowing sensation that is identical to that of the boat. Aquafeel is precisely this: the faithful reproduction of the sensations that a rower develops in water; skillrow manages to achieve this. Rossano Galtarossa, italian rower on the podium in 4 editions of the Olympic Games

Recreate a perfect simulation of rowing in water, following the natural curve of the stroke movement: this is Aquafeel. I can feel, perceive and follow the flow of water without interruptions. Skillrow was designed in order to recreate a safe, effective and natural rowing feeling.
This workout, based mainly on aerobic exercise, allows you to row avoiding unpleasant kickbacks in the lower back, even with heart rate control. And at the same time to experience a resistance similar to that of water. Just as if rowing flows along a lake or river surface.

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The complete training of rowing

Indoor rowing is an activity that allows you to train your whole body, from the shoulders down, in 30 minutes, during any type of training, even for just 20 minutes.

Leg-back-arm is in fact the complete and harmonious movement that professional rowers now obtain automatically while they row.

Most muscles are activated and for this reason it is a type of exercise that allows you to tone your entire body and burn fat. Rowing with SKILLROW allows users to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular functions in a single solution. But what does that actually mean?

This means that, as well as losing weight and burning calories, rowing on Skillrow consistently, prevents heart disease, circulatory problems and diabetes in addition to many other benefits. You can strengthen tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, tone leg, arm and back muscles and relieve daily tension or anxieties due to stress or incorrect posture.

Rowers enhance the neuromuscular characteristics of coordination and the awareness of their own bodies. To the point of also developing a particular predisposition for all other sports and a facilitation in physical activity in general.

Skillrow and Skillrow App: boat and helmsman

SKILLROW, thanks to the native SKILLROW App, is the first fully connected indoor rowing machine that allows users to perform exercises, challenges, work to set goals and objectives all while having fun.
The training of indoor rowing at home with SKILLROW is more engaging because you can:

  • challenge other users in sports competitions by increasing the level of performance
  • train with training programs designed and developed with Olympic athletes
  • continuously monitor activity and progress
  • find your own rhythm in the various round-ups
Rhythm, challenge and fun thanks to the virtual helmsman
In rowing the helmsman is that member of the crew, usually at the stern, who has the task of leading the boat and keeping the rowers in time.

The Skillrow App acts as the virtual helmsman and allows the user to feel in the race, to compete as an athlete suggesting the right rhythm (relationship between past and present) and helping them to maintain direction. But also motivating them through the sending of real-time data of rowing strokes.

Rowing at home as in the race: the excitement of the challenge
The application includes a wide selection of customized and performance-orientated indoor rowing workouts, such as Technogym Neuromuscular Training and interval training. After your workout, you can test your progress by taking part in races, challenging friends, or setting your own goal.
Rowing is the ideal activity to include in a training plan for strength. Physical strength is essential in rowing because as the pace of rowing increases, training becomes more and more intense.

A specific program that expresses muscle strength is what you need to take your performance to a higher level.

SKILLROW is a tool with which muscle mass building and cardio activity coexist.

Sustaining a high pace is a very efficient cardiovascular workout: because your entire body is in continuous motion, rowing intensely keeps your heartbeat high. Improving cardiovascular efficiency and improving technique is essential to better express speed over short distances and in sprints.

Rowing is an excellent activity to improve physical stamina: rowing is the same as lifting a weight for many repetitions in a row.

Characterized by the fluid movement that affects all muscle groups, indoor rowing exerts endurance without weighing on the joints, thus minimizing the risk of injury.

The key to improvement is to gradually increase the magnetic resistance, along with the distance covered in each session. And with Skillrow’s Multidrive Technology, which combines air resistance with additional endurance, it's up to you to decide what you want to train for: power or aerobic ability. Simply adjust the resistance level, whether or not it acts on the level naturally given by the air.
Real-time bio-feedback
With the SKILLROW APP you can track all your training data and get an overview of your performance in real time. The APP offers simple and intuitive feedback to improve your results and get real-time bio-feedback on training metrics. Hence the ability to analyze the rowing curve and control power, cadence, peak force and rowing length.
Your stroke, your rhythm
The coordination, concentration and technique necessary for effective rowing translate into learning to follow a rhythm.

With the SKILLROW App, you can define training programs that are geared to your level of experience but also to your goal of improvement.

Design and ergonomics in one rower

Solid and compact, SKILLROW is designed for intensive training in complete safety. All this without any risk of the equipment moving during the execution of the exercises.
Built around the user, all adjustments of SKILLROW™ are easily accessible from a comfortable sitting position thanks to its ergonomic design.

It can be dismantled into two parts quickly and easily, so you can easily store it while waiting for your next workout.

Man, in his fragile little boat, is given the oar in his hand precisely because he follows not the whim of the waves but the will of his intelligence.Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Inside the SKILLROW App there is the possibility to set races by setting a speed to reach or compete against the best result of your friend.
MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY adds further resistance to the air resistance generated by the rowing machine. This revolutionary innovation allows users to change settings from cardiovascular training (1/10 level) to power training (11/13) simply by changing the resistance level.

There are 4 different GOAL programs (time, distance, calories, repair),
INTERVAL TRAINING, JUST ROW, TNT. 4 Virtual trainers, real champions like Alexia Clark, Kenny Santucci, Scott Durant and Omri Rachmut are there to help you become a real professional.

From the devices IOS software 9.3 forward (from the model Iphone 5 to today's models) and android software 5 forward
AQUAFEEL is a patent of Technogym thanks to which:

  • The resistance of the oar is the same as in water
  • The movement is fluid and natural and avoids back kickbacks

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