Empower your training experience with Technogym Tools collection

A range of accessories designed to guarantee an extensive variety of exercise combinations for well-rounded workouts

As home fitness is booming all over the world, from virtual class options like HIIT and core to cycling and strength available, people are looking for personalization and exercise variety. At-home fitness is showing no signs of slowing down, but there is a strong desire for people to feel like they are getting the same quality workout as they would in a traditional gym or boutique studio.

To provide fitness enthusiasts with the best equipment to train at home with the same quality of a gym, Technogym has designed a unique Technogym Tools collection, a wide range of fitness accessories created to guarantee well-rounded workouts for every fitness level.

Technogym Tools have been designed to give you an extensive variety of workout combinations, allowing you to train different parts of the body and group muscles, achieving any fitness, health, and lifestyle goals thanks to Technogym Precision Training.
Each piece ensures long-lasting performances and is perfect to carry on the go, transforming every workout into a top-level fitness experience.

This selection of fitness accessories gives you the best in terms of qualitydesign, and attention to details: the high durability material, the unique design and the fast delivery made Technogym Tools the best option to keep you motivated by challenging yourself constantly, anywhere you are.

Technogym also designed 3 Training Kits that contain different tools for endless training options. The kits include handles, elastic and loop bands, or a practical exercise mat that can be used to exercise and bring wellness everywhere. That’s all the equipment you need for a complete workout, a real on-the-go gym. Each Kit also includes a spacious bag, useful to carry the tools and always have your personal things with you.

Complete Workout Kit

Inside this kit you can find all the tools you need to help with mobility, stretching and resistance training.
What’s included: Foam Roller, Mobility Ball, Exercise Mat, Set Loop Band Resistance, Technogym Case, Elastic Bands.
The Case is elegant and robust, made from premium leather and with a total capacity of 30 liters. The hangtag has a QR code to access a library of exercises and routines and the exterior of the Case has a thermal pocket that can be sealed by a yellow waterproof zip.

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Core Mobility Kit

Inside this kit you can find all the tools you need to improve your agility and perform stretching and relaxation exercises.
What’s included: Foam Roller, Exercise Mat, Jump Rope, Thermal Water Bottle, Technogym Towel Black, Duffle Bag.
The Duffle Bag is the most spacious, light and resistance bag and it boasts a convenient water-repellant coating. A thermally insulated outside pocket allows you to keep your beverages fresh or hot all day long and you can keep your shoes or unwashed items separate from the rest of your belongings, thanks to the multiple compartments. The dual loops and handles with straps can store your Exercise Mat or Foam Roller.

Compact Sport Kit

Inside this kit you can find all the tools you need for cardio and strength training.
What’s included: Mobility Ball, Jump Rope, Backpack, Set Loop Band Resistance, Elastic Bands. Elegant and water-repellant, the Backpack gives you separate compartments for shoes, laptop, tools and gym wear. The large outside pocket protects your essential items with a waterproof zip, the back panel includes a trolley attachment and the padded shoulder harnesses also feature a sternum strap.

Technogym Tools are available for purchase also separately. With these fitness accessories you can train strength, do stretching exercises and tone your body, always maintaining the best physical shape. Each tool is accompanied by a user manual with illustrated exercises to perform safe and effective workouts.

Loop Bands

Loop Bands are the perfect addition to any workout, providing extra resistance to many common exercises and challenging both strength and flexibility. Lightweight and easy to store, Loop Bands are a favourite for the home and for your travels, ensuring interesting variations every day. The Complete Set Power Band Resistance includes 6 different resistance levels.

Elastic Bands

Strong, resistant and durable, the Elastic Bands guarantee variety for your strength workouts and are perfect to train at home and on the go. They come in 3 different resistance levels to train different muscle groups and allow for progression. The durable rubber ensures resistance, while the safety sleeve keeps them from getting tangled and protects against wear and tear.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope helps build metabolic conditioning and coordination, which are staples of speed, agility and quickness. The special design applied to the handles ensure a perfect hold, and the ball bearings at the tip of each handles generate more efficient rotation of the rope during training.

Exercise Mat

This tool allows to perform both stretching and strength exercises safely and comfortably, thanks to the thick foam and anti-slip surface. The Exercise Mat also has a nanorubber top layer to help keep it clean and rolls up easily for convenient storage and transportation.

Hexagon Dumbbells

This tool allows to improve functional training, through an infinite amount of exercises. Thanks to their shape, Hexagon Dumbbells will not roll around on the floor and can be placed on any flat surface. They give you the best in terms of quality and durability: the welded handle gives weight and strength to the handlebars, which undergo a hard chrome treatment; the rubber surrounding the cylinders absorbs impacts effectively.

Discover Hexagon Dumbbells


Technogym’s Kettlebells are versatile and ideal for training the whole body. Strength, endurance, stability, co-ordination: a wide range of different exercises will help you achieve any fitness goals. The two-tone rubber finish and smooth stainless steel handles ensure durability, together with the high-quality steel that preserves the handle over time and prevent rust from forming.

Foam Roller

The Foam Roller can be used before workout to obtain maximum performance, or after it to facilitate the dispersion of metabolic byproducts and prevent soreness. The foam is more firm in the center and softer at the edges, providing variable stimulation.

Balance Dome

Technogym’s Balance Dome is perfect to add instability and increase the efficacy to a wide number of bodyweight exercises. Work on your proprioception and sense of balance, even during rehabilitation, the dome’s PVC finish and build ensure secure and non-slip use.

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