Technogym MyRun now compatible with Training Peaks

Technogym is excited to announce a new compatibility of MYRUN with leading performance training platform TrainingPeaks. This new API integration will allow users to seamlessly execute their TrainingPeaks planned workouts on Technogym’s connected smart fitness equipment. To view TrainingPeaks workouts on Technogym, athletes will pair their Technogym and TrainingPeaks accounts, and workouts will be automatically available on the Technogym Live equipment interface.

Once synced, Technogym will start up with TrainingPeaks workouts prescribed by coaches or via training plans. Technogym will automatically adjust the resistance to the suitable intensity for every individual athlete, while completed training data will be seamlessly uploaded to both Technogym’s Ecosystem cloud and the TrainingPeaks platform so that it can be reviewed later on to adjust future workouts. This integration will allow athletes to quickly perform the training they’ve been prescribed on any given day on the Technogym smart equipment without having to keep track of workout duration or intensity.

Discover MyRun

In February 2022, TrainingPeaks will be available on Technogym MyRun treadmills and on Technogym’s Cycles exercise bikes. In March 2022, the entire Technogym running portfolio, equipped with Technogym Live, will be integrated with TrainingPeaks. Both home users and commercial operators will be able to leverage the power of TrainingPeaks and Technogym Live to achieve specific sport-performance goals.

Once fully integrated, athletes will be able to follow thousands of TrainingPeaks workouts on Technogym’s class-leading home- and gym-workout equipment. The integration will help athletes maximize their training, while simplifying the process of completing complex workouts.

MyRun digital features

MyRun is the first treadmill designed to improve users’ running through its proprietary, adaptive running surface and also an iconic product designed for the home – with its sleek, elegant and compact design. Representing a personalized solution for running, MyRun offers an unprecedented level of data and feedback on running techniques, personalized programs and full integration with smart tablets through the MyRun training app.
As the ultimate running experience, MyRun marries minimalist design and cutting-edge technology, helping users run with greater awareness and efficiency, whether they run to maintain their level of fitness or are training for a marathon.

All the features of MyRun

Technogym MyRun is designed to meet the needs of the whole family and to offer customized running or walking programs suitable for users of all levels: from beginners to fitness lovers, to sports enthusiasts.
By simply placing your tablet on the MYRUN console, you will be able to choose your favorite trainer from the comprehensive library of on-demand content, including:

  • Technogym Sessions. If you are looking for a trainer who guides and motivates for the entire duration of your workout and who knows how to make a simple run even more fun, try Technogym Sessions and choose from a variety of workouts designed around your personal objectives
  • Technogym Routines. Having clear goals and a specific time to reach them can be really inspiring. Technogym Routines are a combination of different exercises and movements with varying intensity levels that challenges the user to always give their best.
MyRun includes a variety of product features, including Running Rate, allowing users to improve their running techniques. Through this exclusive algorithm developed by Technogym’s research center, users can experience improved running quality and efficiency through interactive instant feedback on step frequency, stride length and displacement. MyRun also offers Running Music, where the app chooses songs based on a users’ pace, enabling users to ‘run to the beat’.  Running Music will change based on any changes in pace, continuing to motivate throughout any workout.
In addition, MyRun features an adaptive running surface that changes based on different experience levels, adjusting to each user’s needs by identifying the individual style of running or walking - changing to a softer surface to absorb shock and reduce the risk of injury for beginners, or a firmer surface for expert runners to enable maximum push-off and rebound. With a maximum speed of 12.4 miles per hour and a maximum inclination of 12%, MyRun is further strengthened by the training programs that come with it. Through the MyRun app, users can create fully personalized programs adapted to their fitness levels, preferences and training frequency, optimizing each session to enable them to achieve their objectives and reach their full fitness potential.

Myrun and Zwift: virtual scenarios and customized routes

Indoor training with MyRun, the innovative Technogym solution for runners, is even more engaging and entertaining also with the Zwift online platform. Users are able to train in different settings, with a vast selection of virtual scenarios, and customize routes based on various levels of difficulty. In addition, users can challenge other runners online, while accessing a digital experience packed with maps, routes, and competitive challenges.

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