Technogym App: maximum result in minimum time

Personalized workouts with on-demand videos from top trainers to train at home, in the gym, at work, when traveling and outdoor thanks to the smart coach

Want to lose weight? Improve your sports performance? Take care of your health? Or simply keep fit? Whatever your goal is, with Technogym App it's never been easier to achieve it so fast with a wide choice of on-demand video workouts and a personalized plan that adapts to you, your progresses and lifestyle. Every day the app offers you the most suitable workout, combining scientific research, artificial intelligence, engaging and challenging video content.

Access your personalized workout, services and results anytime and anywhere - at home, at the gym, when traveling, at work or outdoors - with your Technogym ID which allows you to connect to your personal profile on all Technogym Ecosystem’s touch points: smartphone app, equipment consoles and website. Technogym App offers you a wide variety of fitness, sports and health programs developed by a team of trainers and athletes specialized in different disciplines. If you have Technogym equipment available, at home or at the gym, Technogym App will guide on how to use it at its best with the possibility to enjoy the video training experience on the console. Moreover, the app will propose specific bodyweight workouts or with tools directly on your mobile or mirrored on the TV screen for a unique and irresistible Technogym Wellness Experience.

Technogym App: a wide choice of on-demand video workout content

By answering questions from the Technogym Coach, Technogym App's digital trainer, based on artificial intelligence, it will guide you, step by step with tailored workouts called Precision Programs adapted to your goals, progression, time, and available equipment.

Every day, Technogym app creates a workout based on your goals, combining different components of warm-up, cardio, strength and recovery. Each part of the workout is guided by a trainer who shows you the exercises while providing tips and motivation.

As an alternative to your daily Precision Program suggested by the Technogym Coach, you can choose from the vast on-demand library of Technogym App’s featuring the exclusive Signature Programs dedicated to sport, Technogym Routines that focuses on specific muscle groups or fitness goals, or Technogym Sessions, a trainer-led selection of video lessons (HIIT, Strength, Running, Cycling, Yoga and other disciplines soon, such as Boxing). Technogym App will be constantly updated with new workouts and features.

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Signature Programs are the result of Technogym's 30 years plus experience as the reference brand for the Olympics and global sports champions around the world, aimed to train you like a pro cyclist, runner, tennis player, golfer and skier. Technogym Routines and Technogym Sessions are fitness-oriented and can be selected based on duration, sport, fitness level (beginner to advanced) and any available equipment.
Monitoring and keeping track of your exercises are key to achieving the best results. Technogym App constantly tracks your movements through the exclusive Movergy Index, which measures your lifestyle activity and motivates you to exercise more and more.

On rest days or while you are relaxing, discover news and tips from the world of wellness on the app about nutrition, mindfulness, and training advice developed by Technogym experts and constantly updated according to seasonality and relevance to your lifestyle.

Technogym Talent Trainers

A team of over 30 experienced talent trainers will guide you through your workouts and provide tips and motivation to maximize results. The Technogym Talent Trainers are a team of professional trainer and athletic coach specialized in different disciplines, selected by Technogym for their international experience accumulated over the years in the fields of fitness, sports, and health.

Depending on the selected program, you'll be coached by the trainer most in line with your needs: developed by fitness coaches of professional athletes, Signature Programs are focused on sports performance, while the personalized Precision Programs, led by the most motivating and engaging trainers in the industry such as India Bailey, Deena Pierce, Stephanie Nieman, Tom McClelland and Harry Sellers to name a few, cover different fitness disciplines from cycling, running, high intensity interval training to strength training with equipment or bodyweight workouts.

How to train with Technogym App

  • Download for free Technogym App from App Store and Google Play
  • Train with Technogym App and get free access to Signature Programs and Technogym Routines, today also the Technogym Session guided by the trainer will be free.
  • Starting from July, after the first month, you'll be able to access the Technogym Sessions in a premium mode for €8.99 per month or €89.99 per year.
  • Technogym App is available from today in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Benelux, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

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