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Pamela Reif and Technogym: the best tips for a home gym

In recent months it has become clear how important it is for sports and fitness enthusiasts to train at home, without giving up the quality of equipment and training offers. Pamela Reif is one of the most successful fitness influencers in Germany and worldwide - and when she trains at home, she trusts the quality of Technogym. Technogym, the world's leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, has always had the mission of spreading Wellness and active lifestyle, 24 hours a day, at the gym, at home, in the office or on the go.
Technogym has created an innovative and elegant family of products for home training, which Pamela Reif is also enthusiastic about: Personal Line translates 30 years of research and product development into beautiful fitness equipment, created with exclusive materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Personal Line offers unlimied exercise possibilities that can be performed with just one or more equipment. From cross trainers to treadmills, Personal Line offer everything an athlete's heart desires. The multifunctional Kinesis Personal alone offers over 200 possible exercises on less than one square metre!

The fitness icon revealed which training equipment stole her heart and which workout tips make her home training especially rewarding. Pamela Reif revealed what makes Technogym equipment so special and shared some tricks from her fitness routine.

Training at Pamela Reif's home with Technogym

  • Knee Lift for abdominals
  • Pull Ups for back and shoulders
  • Arm Row for back and biceps
  • Glute Bridges for glutes and hamstrings
  • Pull Ups with elastic cable support
  • Punches for chest and arms
  • Squat for legs and glutes
  • Pull Down for the triceps
  • Wood Chopper for the core
Pamela’s passion for fitness comes from sport disciplines, where she could be totally flexible and independent. She always did group sports and at some point she couldn't fit the structured schedule due to her busy calendar. “In comparison, a fitness equipment is available 24 hours per day!”, she explains.

Recently, Pamela have also started exercising with home equipment, and she chooses Technogym for her home workouts. The first gym in her home town is fully equipped with Technogym equipment. She didn't want to change her habits in her home gym, but that she would go back to what she had already tested and learned to love over the years while travelling.

During her visit at Technogym Village in Cesena, Italy, Pamela spent a lot of time training with the Personal Line, elegant equipment with iconic chrome details that stand out from the classic "fitness" look. She mainly tested different cardio equipment - from the  Cross Personal cross trainer and the recumbent bike Recline Personal, as well as the Run Personal treadmill. She also worked out on the latest Technogym equipment like Technogym Bike, the ultimate training experience with live and on demand indoor cycling classes by top trainers. Since her visit in Cesena, Pamela is planning to expand her home gym.

I have been dreaming of Kinesis Personal, also part of the Personal Line. I might do more than 200 strength and coordination exercises.

Even her mum immediately said: Kinesis is incredibly beautiful; we must make room for it! It is available in a mirrored version or with leather details. Kinesis was in my hotel room in Cesena, straight in front of my bed - so my "dreaming", It was not by chance.

Power Personal: Pamela’s choice for home training

The focus in Pamela’s home gym is on the Power Personal, the comprehensive solution offering the widest possible range of exercises, in excess of 300. Functional Training Kit also allows suspension training and exercises with power bands.

Power Personal allows me to perform any conceivable exercise - from squats and pull-ups, bench presses and abdominal muscle training in hanging position to exercises with elastic bands.

Additionally, she has dumbbells, kettlebells, a wellness ball and, of course, a bench. Pamela comes up with new exercises every day, which she can try out on the Power Personal with different settings. The three exercises that Pamela likes the most are Pull-ups - after the second set also with supporting straps - Glute Bridges as favourite exercise for the bottom and the Wood Chopper for the core muscles.

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