Apple watchOS 5 new features for fitness (and more)

Apple WatchOS 5, the new operating system for Apple smartwatch, has arrived. It will offer new training features on all Apple Watches designed to compete in sport with friends. Apple watchOS 5 will therefore be a true wrist coach, with powerful features for physical activity and communication, to stay in touch with friends while we train and to quickly access all the information we need.

Apple watchOS 5 and Technogym

Technogym currently has the only strength training equipment that can connect directly to Apple Watch. What is about to arrive on the market, immediately after the summer break, is an important update of one of the most popular and appreciated smart watches in the world.
A tool designed to help people who wear it stay in shape and keep in touch with each other. But also to challenge each other, through a gamification mechanism that stimulates competition and the desire to have fun while doing sport.

New features in Apple Watch OS 5

This new version has many new features, including:

  • Activity Sharing Challenges
  • Personal coach
  • Automatic workout detection
  • Advanced functions for racing
  • Excursion mode
  • Walkie-Talkie function
  • Apple Podcast

Apple's promise and idea for this device are clear and unequivocal: "Be more active. Stay better connected". The company from Cupertino wants an increasingly sporty and technological lifestyle, marked by a healthy and friendly rivalry intended to always fuel better results and to share them with others in real time.

The most interesting news about Apple watchOS 5 in detail

1. Activity Sharing Challenges
If activities can already be shared in the previous version, the new Apple watchOS 5 will allow its users to invite other Apple Watch users to take part in real "Activity Challenges", which will last seven days and allocate points based on the percentage of completion of "Activity Rings" provided for by the challenge. Obviously when a user receives points he will receive a notification, which will contribute to the motivation towards the final victory of the challenge.
2. Personal coach
During the challenges Apple watchOS 5 will send notifications that allow the user to understand if he is ahead or not on his rival, allowing us to understand what is the extent of the effort required to recover and take home the victory.
3. Automatic training detection
Depending on the most popular workouts on Apple Watch, the device will automatically detect the activity, generate an alert to start the workout App and assign retroactive points. There is also a reminder to end training sessions after a period of inactivity, should the user forget to do so.
4. Advanced functions for racing
With this new feature we can enjoy a new cadence measurement mode (steps per minute) for those running or walking outdoors and indoors, with a new notification for outdoor running, which will alert us when the pace is lower or higher than the desired one. There is also a new "Rolling Mile Pace" metric, which allows running enthusiasts to monitor the pace of the last mile of the course, as well as the average and current pace.
5. Excursion mode
This function will be a good opportunity for those who love nature walks and want to know what height difference they are facing and how many calories they are burning.
6. Walkie-Talkies
This new feature in Apple watchOS 5 will let you communicate on the fly with friends and family with a simple touch on your wrist. This function consists of a watch-to-clock connection in Walkie-Talkie mode (but on a global scale) via Wi-Fi or cellular network, which can be activated with anyone wearing an Apple Watch compatible with this feature.
7. Apple Podcast
With Apple Podcast you can listen to your own podcasts and catalogues using Siri on Apple watchOS 5. With this new feature, podcast episodes will automatically synchronize on Apple Watch and other devices used. A new developer feature will also allow you to sync music, audio books, and app meditation sessions to Apple Watch for offline playback even without having your iPhone at your fingertips.
8. Notifications
In addition to all this, the new Apple watchOS 5 will offer new and more usable notifications, not to lose any information and reminders, to have better experience with Siri and with all the other small and big new functions, which will confirm this device as a favourite by users.

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