Let’s Move: tips and training types to accumulate more moves

Let the challenge begin.

Let’s Move For a Better World is the campaign launched and promoted by Technogym to raise awareness among individuals, communities and institutions about obesity issues and to stimulate the adoption of an increasingly active lifestyle, helping to make the world a healthier place.

For fitness facilties that have Technogym’s  Mywellness, digital technology installed, the campaign represents a crucial moment of the season for several aspects:

  • loyalty of members;
  • acquisition of new members;
  • establishing its own brand in the territory.
This article explains how the campaign will run, reasons why a club should join and what needs to be taken into account to achieve a successful event.

Let's Move For a Better World is held once a year, from the 11th to 30th March 2019. As mentioned before, it has a strong social purpose and consequently the intent to involve as many people as possible. It is proposed by Technogym and therefore by the member clubs as a real challenge. Clubs are responsible for determining how to promote the event.

We have listed first the 3 main reasons why a club should participate in the initiative, so let's look at each point.

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1. Loyalty of members
Organizing an event for the participants is always welcome, especially when the most loyal members could be considered as the main promoters.

They will have the freedom to involve outsiders, feel part of a team and become the club's Brand Ambassadors.

2. Acquisition of new members
In this case it is not only and exclusively people who do not know the centre, you are obliged to consider the "welcome return" of people who are former customers of the centre and who for some time have allowed their subscription to expire.

An event of this size must also and above all reach people who have been very close to the club giving them an emotional boost to start attending again. It is therefore mandatory to communicate to them that they will not have any "discomfort" by returning to an environment that is already familiar to them.

In addition, there are the really "new" prospects who approach the centre for the very first time and will do so in a context where emotions, motivations and enthusiasm is higher than usual.
It will be necessary to evaluate these prospects with the right care in order to get them involved in the best way both in the campaign and as part of the facility.

3. Establishing your brand in the territory
Those who move the masses cannot go unnoticed. Let's Move is an excellent opportunity to generate movement and above all interest in your facility by institutions, associations and companies that live and operate in the area and with which it could be advantageous to create partnerships.
What makes Let's Move For a Better World work is also motion monitoring and consequently the unit of measurement that allows you to draw up the charts and determine the winners: the Moves.

Technogym Moves is a way of measuring physical activity that unites all. Based on actual body movement, it allows you to measure and compare the level of activity of participants during the Campaign. The faster you move, the more moves you collect.

So for those who want to take part in the challenge and excel, we advise you to equip yourself with the strength of perseverence, action plans, mini events and incentives that allow you to transfer the enthusiasm to a line of "followers" both registered and non-registered that accumulate Moves throughout the entire period of the challenge.

The most successful strategies often involve planning situations that can lead participants to push beyond their own limits supported by the enthusiasm and joy of being part of an exceptional event.

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Tips and strategies to increase the MOVES
Increase the hours
We ask participants, whether they are clients or not, to make an effort and therefore clubs must be the first to set a good example. If logistical and human resources conditions allow it, why not extend the opening or closing hours of the centre?

With more hours available, especially during the Let's Move period, it is often equivalent, almost always, to a greater number of prospects who could even achieve a double shift of work... aerobically.

A challenge in the challenge. Motivating the enrolled members is a timeless mission that each centre tries to pursue throughout the year with perseverance and sheer hard work.

If you are looking for more moves it will take more motivation and therefore a recommendation is to create more challenges in the period that can involve as many people as possible. What we intend to propose, during the period of participation in Let's Move, is internal club challenges that can be single or team participation, involving challenges between men and women, under or over 40 or even challenges to teams, composed of 10 people or more, created directly by the trainers.

All cardio. Cardiovascular training is the keyword for a fast and satisfying moves collection. Classes of group cycling, hours and hours on the treadmill or bike help the centre to accumulate quickly. Why not assemble the cardio circuit with a bit of imagination and challenge all subscribers to marathon style run using digital content, or why not organize a 24 hours cycling effort using teams to collect as many moves as possible. A real warrior effort!
Yellow all night long. As already recommended above, late opening of the club and additional challenges to keep motivation high deserve celebrations from time to time. Here, then, it will be useful in the period to organize some parties with some aperitifs and music, training sessions with DJs and nocturnal workouts to accumulate moves and satisfy users. You will be repaid.
The perfect workout to accumulate move's does not exist, but you can give free rein to the imagination and involve as many people as possible that can fill your facility with energy and colour like so many clubs throughout Italy and the world.

That's where the real challenge begins.

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