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Reopening your facility: how to deliver the best customer experience

Following the lifting of lockdown rules in many European countries, and with growing consumer demand for fitness and wellbeing, it is time to begin the task of planning to reopen facilities. People want to start moving again and your facility needs to be ready to go. But you must begin your reopening plans with full consideration of new protocols for the health and safety of members and employees.

Technogym is at your side with a complete solution for professionals. We are offering all the necessary tools so you can adapt to the changes and guidelines – and have a successful reopening.

Offering a complete solution for reopening your facility

You naturally want your members to have the best possible experience when they return to your facility. Start planning the reopening now to maximize success. Create a clear and simplified communication strategy to engage customers ahead of time.

Based on our global experience and insight, Technogym has created an illustrated Code of Conduct for fitness operators to use as a marketing and communication support tool. You can use this Code of Conduct through your facility to reinforce the training path for a more successful reopening after lockdown.

You need to make a clear commitment to hygiene and social distancing within your facility, outlining new rules to all members and staff. Think of ways to make customers aware of these before they come back, so they are prepared, confident, and at ease with your new strategy.

Ensure staff are trained, and committed to following the guidelines. Setting high standards will make customer feel reassured - and set a benchmark for hygiene which will encourage better adherence! Put cleaning dispensers in lots of easily-accessible areas and ask customers and staff members to use them before and after they have touched equipment, and at regular intervals during their workout or working day.  You might also ask members and staff to wear face masks and gloves, depending on local guidelines or cultural customs.

Cleanliness: A commitment for all

Keeping your facility hygiene, clean and up and running will, naturally, become very important to your customers. The new cleaning rules will provide a sense of shared responsibility between managers, employees, personal trainers and facility members for maintaining hygiene within the centre.

Many customers will be eager to return to their fitness routines but are likely to have a much higher consideration and focus on cleanliness. Show serious attention to the cleaning and disinfection of equipment and training spaces. Be reassured by the fact that customers will begin to get familiar with similar guidelines in all aspects of everyday life – at work, at home, at retail stores.

Training: give customers the best equipment experience

Thanks to the single-use nature of equipment, zoning of areas, or design modifications, you will be able to apply guidelines for cleaning or social distancing to many areas of your facility. When you reopen, you might not be able to make all items of equipment available if you can’t guarantee the necessary spacing.

Our advice is to let the people train on alternate cardio positions. Place signs on the equipment to facilitate the user journey. Put signs on the floor or walls to indicate the route and direction through the facility. These strategies will give customers peace of mind, allow for social distancing, and avoid congestion.

Service: managing your customer experience

Attendance planning will be an essential part of your reopening strategy. This will help ensure safe flow and training of members within the facility. Bear in mind that local guidelines may advise or restrict the number of customers at any time. Thanks to mywellness app, personal trainers and exercise professional can provide training services at distance or remotely to their clients to keep them active and motivated.

Mywellness for Professionals also allows you to stay connected, to train and engage your clients, keep them active and motivated and, above all, keep them in touch with your fitness centre and trainers. Trainers should consider using verbal cues to instruct and motivate clients during training sessions where they need to maintain social distancing (so cannot make physical contact). It is also likely that your centre's showers and changing rooms will not be in use – at least in the initial phase of reopening - so ask your customers come to the gym changed and ready to work out.

Prepare your centre for reopening with Technogym support

Will you need to revise your gym layout to make sure new protocols are rolled out? If so, Technogym Interior Design experts can assist with 2D and 3D layouts for an improved training experience. Our team have set specific guidelines for the cleaning and maintenance of Technogym products. And our After Sales team is on hand to provide extra support and useful advice.

You will also need to prepare staff for post-lockdown reopening, with extra training and support sessions. Consider pre-training on guidelines, smart equipment knowledge refreshers, and a Mywellness digital training refresh. We have webinars to support you before and after your reopening, with training courses on products and services, as well as knowledge and insights from experienced speakers. The current situation has shown how digital solutions can help build a strong customer relationship. Mywellness combines club activity and training at home, as well as class booking, and now the introduction of capacity management support with the option to book stations or equipment.

Here to assist

Should you have any queries or questions please contact the Technogym team. We are here to help. You should also consult with your industry member organisation or trade body for local guidelines:

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