The best apps for digital training

Digital trainer apps are storming into our lives, and with good reasons. Over the years, the attention to health, psychophysical well-being and proper nutrition has been growing, leading more and more people closer to fitness. It’s also the lack of time that’s driving an increasing number of fitness enthusiasts – or aspiring ones – towards technology.

A digital guidance can easily become a powerful help to keep up in shape. Consider the early morning workout, or the late afternoon training after a long day spent working or studying (and maybe commuting). When time runs out so quickly, having a personal trainer available at your own convenience would really be a boon. That’s where the digital world steps in with apps that can guide, monitor and improve your training.

Self digital training: technology at the service of fitness

Over time, the availability of digital tools that proved innovative, affordable and easy to use drove increasing interest towards healthier lives. This is especially true in the case of fitness apps, which have lately evolved to become private trainers available 24 hours a day.

Growingly detailed in content and valued by their users, app stores offer a plethora of options to move to more active lifestyles. Ranging from counting the steps taken during the day (and reporting burnt calories) to offering a personalized training programme that meets your individual needs, we are easily left spoilt for choices. Then what are the best apps for training?

Digital trainers, a selection of app

Available for iOS and Android, fitness apps turn your smartphone into your personal trainer, allowing you to manage your workouts easily and independently, track the results you achieved, and monitor overall progress.

  1. Runtastic: among the most popular fitness apps, Runtastic is a good choice when it comes to tracking running, jogging, walking and cycling. It uses GPS technology and a number of parameters - distance, time, speed, elevation, calories. The app is compatible with Apple Watch (in the iOS version). Runtastic Fitness Tracker & Running App - offering free training plans as well as advanced statistics – now has a large community of fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Runkeeper: Share your achievements on your social profiles, comment them with friends and - why not? - convince them to join your workout. These are some of Runkeeper's strengths, one of the most popular fitness apps both for sports enthusiasts and people who just want to stay in shape: in fact, its community is among the largest. Using your smartphone's position, Runkeeper collects useful information about your daily running. Turn your phone into a personal trainer in your pocket, that’s what the app plans to do, and it doesn’t just limit itself to races, but also walks, bike rides and hiking trips.
  3. Sworkit: This is the message that invites everybody to use this subscription service, which can combine different training modes to get the most out of each session. To train all parts of the body - upper and lower body, trunk and abdominal, back, buttocks and legs - Sworkit Personal Trainer allows you to follow personalised video workouts and create your own in just a few steps.
  4. Google Fit: To easily monitor each activity, measure your fitness status, receive information in real time and check personal data from any device, Google Fit happens to be an excellent solution (to get the most out of the service you should use the Android Wear smartwatch, receiving constant updates directly on the wrist). Featuring a simple and linear interface – which is also true for the previously mentioned apps - Google Fit for Android allows you to enter your weight, choose your favourite activity and set daily targets to achieve.

mywellness, all in one app

Your most faithful training companion, guiding you to your goal thanks to personalized training programmes and video tutorials for each exercise: this is mywellness’ identikit. The Technogym app for iOS and Android offers an innovative and engaging training experience; it allows you to achieve your goals – be it sports, fitness or health - in an easy, fast and fun way. Like most of the previous apps, it can be used to track common outdoor activities such as walking or running. The real difference is the way it seamlessly integrates with indoor fitness, which is where the previous fall short. Use the mywellness app in any Technogym-equipped gym and connect it to the individual machine via QR Code or via Bluetooth. The result? You will find your session already waiting for you on the equipment, and the results will be tracked and saved in real time on your mywellness account. There you have it, finally: a true digital personal trainer to improve your shape both inside and outside the walls. mywellness also offers the possibility to integrate the main services offered by many apps available on the market, such as MyFitnessPal, Strava, Polar, Garmin Connect, S Health.

Digital trainer at the service of cycling

The guidance of an athletic trainer is fundamental to those who have turned to competitive sports, if they truly wish to explore their own potential. The MYCYCLING Coach service by Technogym is dedicated to all cyclists looking to reach professional performance. The subscription service connects you to one of the certified MYCYCLING coaches: not only they will be able to provide you with a tailored training programme, their constant monitoring is also crucial in keeping you on track. You can contact your coach through the MYCYCLING app’s chat. The app itself is the means for the digital coach to measure the obtained results, evaluate progress and be able to modify, in real time, the training program.

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