Workouts and benefits of indoor cycling 

Today indoor cycling allows us to train like real cyclists. It lets us achieve our wellness goals by training more effectively and in less time. All in the comfort of our own home.

All the benefits of indoor cycling 

It makes you slim down

Indoor cycling allows you to perform low-impact cardiovascular training for your joints. It also helps slim down and promotes general well-being.

It tones heart and legs up

Cycling training strengthens the heart and reduces blood pressure. It is also excellent for toning legs and glutes, helping to prevent cellulite.

It promotes pedalling agility

By improving agility, you can find the right cadence for any terrain. It can be trained indoors with programmes that provide constant changes in cadence.

It makes pedalling fluid

In order not to disperse the power applied to the pedals, the pedalling must be fluid and symmetrical, in other words: round. Indoor training is ideal for refining your technique.

It increases your power

Indoor training with constant power is a fundamental way in the modern preparation of the cyclist.

Indoor cycling for fitness 

Fitness training on Bike Personal

Whatever your goal, the bike brings all the factors involved in cardiovascular training under control, as long as you do it the right way.


Workouts on an exercise bike

Workouts on an exercise bike

Indoor cycling is a cardiovascular activity that always allows you to train safely avoiding harmful impacts on your joints, with multiple benefits to reap. Many of our indoor bikes can help you with specific programmes to maximize your results.

Lose weight 

By gradually increasing the duration and intensity of the exercise, the maximum expenditure is reached, depending on the time available.

Constant heart rate

With the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) function the bike can adjust the workload based on your heart rate.

Leg toning

Programmes that switch between low and high intensity workout are suitable for toning legs.

Our selection of exercise bikes

Bike Personal

Bike Personal
Its small size and elegant design allow you to give shape to the gym of your dreams in any environment. It's ready to help you achieve your fitness goals wherever you are.


Recline Personal

Recline Personal
Recline Personal is more than just a reclined bike. It is a true masterpiece that combines the best biomechanical criteria of professional gym equipment and the personalised entertainment of the UNITY™ console: all in the exclusive design of Antonio Citterio.


Our offer is much wider. Find the right exercise bike for you in our catalogue.


Indoor cycling for the athletes

Skillbike for cyclists
Indoor training is just as important in cycling as on the road. Train with the advice of our experts.


Our products for cyclists 


MyCycling turbo trainer
Is cycling your passion? Take the rear wheel off your bike, attach it to MyCycling and enjoy the magic. Experience the thrill of true outdoor cycling as you set new records with the Technogym Neuromuscular Training™ programme. When you can't get your friends together on the road, get them involved in an exciting indoor race with Zwift or Strava!



Experience professional cycling in the comfort of your own home and get to the finish line first. Follow countless routes and take part in breathtaking races. Optimize your performance using an authentic gear shift while real-time feedback improves your pedalling.


Training on MyCycling

The best performance is only achieved with the best possible training,with every second making a huge difference. That's why we have developed MyCycling and MyCycling App in conjunction with Technogym Neuromuscular Training, a methodology imbued in the most effective techniques of cycling preparation.

Steady state long climb

Boost your climbing skills through short uphill intervals: the training blocks aim at improving your aerobic endurance.

Progressions to threshold

The work load progressions with constant cadence leading to the threshold values.

Slow Frequency Repetitions

Train your muscles with the SFR method to sustain high tensions for long periods of time and increase your stamina.

Specific strength and agility

Mix up slow frequency repetitions with variations of torque and cadence to improve your coordination and efficiency.

Resistance to threshold 

The programme is designed to train your ability to maintain threshold values for longer periods of time, obtaining greater resistance when climbing.


The session is designed to train agility: it enables the cyclist to pedal at an high cadence. This exercise includes power and cadence progression and rhythm changes.

Technogym Cycling Club

Technogym Cycling Club

No matter if indoors or outdoors, sharing your passion for cycling can only help it grow. Join our community on Strava and climb the leaderboard. Get advice from cycling enthusiasts and share your achievements. Push your performance further and unleash your athletic potential, be it at home, at the gym or on the road.